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  1. Thanks solver, I deleted the Note Schedule I had on the Plan and now just have the schedule in the Cad Detail. That cleaned it up! Thanks everyone for your help, greatly appreciate your time.
  2. Rpadge: thank you, I did find that I can create a Cad Detail, then by adding a Note Schedule (in my case a Foundation Note Schedule I created), but when I add it to the detail, I get a funky numbering of 1,1 and 2,2, which is creating a new issue for me! Here is what I mean; Here is a simple schedule from the plan, and it looks great; Here is the Cad Detail and with the schedule added;
  3. rgardner: Thank you for suggesting the signature details and I did input that info just now. That's a good video, thank you for the suggestion. I have seen it previously but it doesn't detail how to import a schedule into layout. I also did a search via Google and also Chieftalk previously and 99% of the time this resolves my issues, which is one of my favorite things about Chief and that is the community and support that you all have taken the time to provide! It's world class! Unfortunately though, this isn't resolving the specific issue I have found myself in.
  4. I am looking for a solution on how to insert schedules into Layout. I have tried converting the schedule while in a Plan to a Cad block and then inserting into layout by Copy/Paste, but this deleted the Note # specific to each line item and I would then have to manually add them for each line item on the layout page. Here is a picture from a Chief layout where I have blue circled the schedule showing that Chief has inserted it into layout. Any ideas?