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  1. Northriver

    Townhouse Block Construction with 9' Ceilings

    Thanks Alan. I have been involved as a Construction Manager on tilt-up projects and we use ledgers for floors and roofs (top bearing trusses) and looking at your drawing it's very similar. I have never drawn anything commercial or mixed use only single and multifamily up to 4 stories in height. Looks like you have a lot of experience with commercial structures by following your posts. It would be awesome to have the knowledge you have in designing those types of buildings. I wish you would share more of that experience with us but I know time is a rare commodity now days as we are all extremely busy. Thanks Jeff K
  2. Northriver

    Townhouse Block Construction with 9' Ceilings

    Does the mason install the fasteners for the plate or are they drilled and epoxied to get the anchors in the exact location needed? For heights are you stuck within the limits of the block heights? I know it commercial buildings ceiling heights are sometimes not relevant as they use drop down ceilings but what do they do in condos and apartments? I am not familiar with how they build town homes,condos and apartments in Florida but I would assume that they use a lot of block to withstand hurricanes and tornados along with dry rot issues?
  3. what a great name,,,, corruption island....sounds like out of a strange and bizarre it like that?

    1. Northriver


      We corrupt anyone whose visits LOL. Real Name is Hat Island.

  4. Northriver

    Townhouse Block Construction with 9' Ceilings

    While I agree with Joey Martin. See ACAD (Alan) plan he posted. There is some logic to standard rough ceilings being 97 1/8" and 109 1/8" instead of 96" and 108" so I would not recommend you make your rough ceiling exactly 9' if you want to use drywall that is 54" in width thinking you are saving the dry wall contractor time when in reality you will cause the dry wall contractor a lot of unnecessary work.
  5. Northriver


    If you created a specific layer to display text in a layer set you need to remember to turn off the layer of the text you do not want to see in the new or existing layer set.
  6. Northriver

    Justify Text based upon outline number...

    Scott, I do not know how to make a video. I am not as computer savvy as some of you guys. The program we use to convert DWG is Recognizes both Vector and Raster lines along with text. Still figuring out all the options this program offers but have limited time as of lately. I am sure the person I hired to take over my responsibilities will figure it out. Glenn, thanks for sharing your methods and will I pass those along.
  7. Northriver

    Justify Text based upon outline number...

    I never import PDF files into Chief Architect anymore. Adobe allows you to convert PDF's to a word document then I copy and paste into a text box . Any details on PDF's I convert to a DWG file and bring into Chief.
  8. Northriver

    manufacturer catalog download loaction

    With chief architect open you can drag the folder where its located on your computer into chief and the files will load into your library.
  9. Northriver

    Small dimensions covering their own line

    Why are you dimensioning the width of every wall? It is common practice to dimension from the outside face of the framing to the face of the framing when dimensioning a plan. If you are concerned with the Subcontractors being able to differentiate 2x4 and 2x6 wall from each other then use a different hatch pattern for 2x4 and 2x6 walls and create a wall legend. For cabinet and Interior Deco plans it is common practice to dimension to the inside of the finish layer of the walls.
  10. Northriver

    Elevation Display Problem in Layout

    You need to change the direction of you ridge cap 90 deg and/or and specify it to be a sheet material in the material DBX.
  11. Northriver

    Plotting Layout issue

    Change the line weights in light areas. Make sure any light grey are black.
  12. Northriver

    Plotting Layout issue

    Newel it looks like you printed it to a PDF ok.
  13. Northriver

    Moving Objects is Very Slow

    Post the plan and someone running X4 can give it a try. I only go back to X5 and currently running X9. There could be something running in the background that you do not know about?
  14. Northriver

    Moving Objects is Very Slow

    How big is your plan file, do you have any PDF's in your plan, anything in your plans from the 3d warehouse and do you have anything with a high surface count?
  15. Northriver

    How to build the roof on the 2nd Subfloor?

    Shane, I think he wants the roof sitting on top of the second floor subfloor. If that is the case go to the floor plan, select roof and use transform replicate and move the roof on top of the second floor subfloor. If your floor is 12" move the roof up 12".