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  1. AH, is there anyway to disable the feature? or i is just something that i should include in the general construction notes.
  2. As you can see, on the Left of the house the joist are in pairs of 3-4 in some areas even though i set the O.C to 24". anyone know what might be causing this? and any solutions.
  3. Im having a-lot of issues with this program when it comes to getting a set of plans for use for a set of blueprints. I need to be able to draw a plumbing riser and other typical details for final approval from a city. is there a way i can use this program like AutoCAD? Seems to be a whole lot of trouble to draw a few straight lines. Need some advice on how i can make this a bit easier.
  4. okay, i opened to file again selected "move" and clicked rebuild then it looked better. thanks! do you know if there is any way to grade areas and determine cuts and fills from the terrain?
  5. okay, i will give this a try. im used to CAD/Civil 3D so the full spectrum of this program is harder for me to get a handle on as I'm self taught on this one.
  6. This is my first time trying to bring in data collected from GPS into chief arch. I have converted the CSV file into a txt doc but when i bring it into chief arch the land/terrain looks very off; there are tons of spikes/triangles on the area and I'm unsure how to make it "smooth". Also unlike other programs I've used when I click a point I don't get a description of the point, meaning i cant tell if I'm looking at a shot of the sidewalk or a portion of the driveway, im wondering if there is a more effective way to input this data or a way that will allow me to keep my codes/point descriptions that I set when i was in the field. Any info/solutions on this topic would be appreciated. terrain.plan
  7. Im doing a walkthrough for promo material, this is very early stages and this is a 10 FPS render just so you can see the issue. when i enter the building the rooms become very dark and dim looking. id like to brighten this up, i have tried setting the lights to 10k lumens but this was the result. Any tips or info to brighten the inside up would be greatly appreciated. (NOTE: I do have to render with shadows turned off as if not it takes me 3-5 hours for a rendering) any info is greatly appreciated. Untitled
  8. First post here, this is my first attempt at roof truss. As you will see in the PDF attached the gables that are on the front of the duplex are being supported by the truss that are running in the vertical direction. I am wondering if this is normal as i cannot seem to create truss for the gables on the font of the home. If there is a more effective means of building roof truss for roofs of this style id love to hear them. truss question.pdf front view.pdf