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  1. Yes, that is correct. The brick ledge does not generate when I use a pony wall. This is essentially what I am trying to achieve.
  2. Hello, I have been working on a plan and have a walkout basement that is a 2x6 wall with 5'' stone. When I create the foundation pony wall with stone or brick I cannot get the program to properly use the brick ledge function. I have even tested it out in a completely new plan and it seems that when there is a pony wall in the foundation Chief will not generate the brick ledge (in this case I want it to be 8''). I know I can auto detail cross sections and get it to look correct but on the elevations they are not (and if I lower the pony wall 8'' then it moves the whole framed wall 8'' and not just the brick ledge. Has anyone ran into this problem or have a solution? Thanks!
  3. Thank you, I could see that, its hard to tell with just a picture but I appreciate your input.
  4. Thanks so much for sharing, I will take what you said into account for matching eave and fascia heights!
  5. I see what you mean, I talked to our other designer and he said he cheats a little bit with that overhang and keeps the heel heights at 12'' and 24'' and they make a field adjustment so the fascia and sub fascia matches up. Is that what you would do or have done in the past?
  6. I did this out on cad showing the heel heights of the 4/12 and 12/12 roof pitch. The other designer I work with uses auto cad and also did the same thing to for his heel heights, not sure where I went wrong?
  7. I see the 1'6'' above, interesting, so the bug is that the fascia board is going 3/16'' into the roof sheathing?
  8. So the heel height is correct for 12 and 24 and this is more of a bug ?
  9. Yes, I am measuring to the sub fascia. So the reason it is off is because chief is calculating to the thickness of the fascia for the overhang ?
  10. What would you do for a solution? I want the heels to be a friendly number? Is there really a solution to this ?
  11. I do it in the baseline height (but before I do it I make sure ahead of time that my roof dialogues are set up for trusses and not rafters). But I take the top plate in this case 218 7/8+12'' heel. And then 218 7/8+24'' heel for the 12/12 pitch. This almost always works out for the most part but it isn't in this case which is confusing.
  12. Yes, I definitely see what you are saying. But I guess what I am getting at is the fascia lines should match up with those heel heights unless I am missing something? I definitely could be wrong though!
  13. I am not sure if this is a bug but I wanted to see if anyone else is running into this same problem. I want my fascia lines to match up on varying roof pitches. My 4/12 pitch is set for a 12'' heel. The 12/12 pitch should have the same fascia lines with a 24'' heel (assuming they are both 1'6'' overhangs). My roof lines look good on the floor plan but when I take elevations you can see very slightly that the 4/12 pitch fascia line is 3/16'' lower than the 12/12 pitch. The fascia and sub fascia's of the roof planes are both the same and so is the roof overhangs. I worked out the math with Cad lines so I know the heel heights are correct. Does anyone have any solutions to this or did I miss something with my math?