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  1. 12 button mouse utech , but i am looking for something different, as pressing the buttons (they are on the side) takes too much force and moves the mouse.
  2. you can also go into the window dialog and uncheck the interior casing...but of course you lose the casing. I find the cabinets bump into a lot of things. I tend to use the ctrl key to place close to where I want and then do small adjustments from there using the arrow keys
  3. yes that is how it is done...cropping. the trickier part is aligning them if there are more than one. CAD lines on layout usually help, then turn the CAD layer off before printing
  4. yes, it looked too perfect I'll search for the seamless, thanks
  5. thanks guys. Normally I do not care but they decided to print it on 24x36, so it looked very very "basic". I have it at the grass 7 with the x y changed, which actually looks not bad. But I'll try the above two. i tried the high def grass but it looks too perfect. I need some variance, and ideally more like wild grass as this is not a city suburb, but in the middle of nowhere on the prairie. I downloaded twin motion last night, havent figured out to export from twinmotion yet, just playing around with it in twinmotion. probably cant export it because I haven't purchased it...
  6. I think I put an enhancement request in for that one
  7. or just put %depth*width*height% into one of the fields in the object information panel of the cabinet, and then report that on the schedule. result is cu feet
  8. as joe says rescale. do this by right clicking on the layout box, click "rescale layout view" from the shortcut menu. The picture becomes unfuzzy when you print some camera views cannot be rescaled with the menu. hold down the X key and click and drag a corner to make the window larger
  9. you could also strip out the " in excel. There are lots of tidbits on the internet for manipulating excel data, adding " as a delimiter might even work using the excel import function
  10. Chat withMilo Chat with MiloMinimizeOpen options We reply immediately! Hi theref you need any assistance, I'm always here. Please introduce yourself: Sign up for our newsletter your examples show a building outline Hello, not sure I understand your question here. how could you know the building length and distance to property line Using satellite view. you show a distance from roof to property line, which could be determined from satellite your examples show a building outline Correct, we use rooflines. but you show building lines. where do these come from, a guess?? Still not sure what you're referring to. We clearly label rooflines on the buildings as rooflines. on your examples you show a dashed line for the building, correct? No, we cannot accurately show the floor plans of buildings without being provided with such. Therefore, we use rooflines to present the buidling outlines. ok, thats makes sense as other software does similar. someone told me you did buildings but you clarified that We do site plans, not structural plans. site plans here require the building footprint to be shown for bylaw compliance to setbacks so in your examples where you show a building outline, did that come from the homewoner? We can show footprints if you provide the floor plans/structural plans. got it, makes sense you line up the floor plan with the roof outline POWERED BY
  11. I did stumble upon doing this while experimenting: in a polyline label: %$file88="%file.dir%"% it seems to set the global variable $file88 with the filename directory. In another another macro I have (in another polyline label), it uses $file88 to read in some stuff in a file, such as customer address.. Testing by issuing a "save as" to another directory looks to update the contents of the file in another directory. so I looks to be working. I assume it could work for other CA internal macros. I think you could then in theory use one polyline label with: %$filedir="%file.dir%"% %$filename="%file%"% ..... and then use the global variables as you please
  12. @Alaskan_Son This is good news, does it work on layout as well? I have some information which goes to layout, and some which go to plan? I thought I'd have one file for everything and parse it into each Jason
  13. and check the headroom with a cross section. There is a CA video on this