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  1. KervinHomeDesign

    Note Types

    We are replying out of turn, that's OK. I asked about difference from X11 to X12. I'll await your clarificatino.
  2. KervinHomeDesign

    Note Types

    Would I find it a different way in X11? I don't have SSA at the moment so I'm not on the X12 beta. I found it in CAD/TEXT/NOTE TYPE MANAGEMENT in X11. I commented above that it should be in defaults, it seems like X12 may have moved it there?
  3. KervinHomeDesign

    Note Types

    Nevermind, I found it. IMO this should appear also in the defaults, I spent half an hour looking for it.
  4. KervinHomeDesign

    Note Types

    Thanks. Could you kindly point me in the direction of how to do that? I have searched and haven't found a way. Thanks.
  5. KervinHomeDesign

    Note Types

    In the note tools and schedules, are we limited to the note types given or do we have the ability to add custom categories? See image.
  6. KervinHomeDesign

    Things we take for granted in Chief Architect.

    The old addage in client relations is that it is easier to retain an existing client than to secure a new one. This is a delecate balance. You don't want to sit and do nothing but serve your existing client base, because you may miss new opportunities to expand. But you don't want to neglect your existing client base to the point they leave in droves. I think X11 has done just enough to keep people interested for a while...
  7. KervinHomeDesign

    Stamping of Plans

    You have posted this in the Suggestions forum, which is where you would suggest ideas for how chief architect could be improved. You will want to post this instead in the Seeking Services forum, where you are more likely to get the responses you are looking for.
  8. KervinHomeDesign

    Things we take for granted in Chief Architect.

    Now I understand why designers I know who use Revit for residential projects charge half my hourly rate and put in twice as many hours on average per project. No thanks.
  9. KervinHomeDesign

    New Computer advice

    Haha, yeah we have our oen Amazon site and a few others too. How did you get there from a US ip address?
  10. KervinHomeDesign

    New Computer advice

    That's newegg for you. It takes 5 minutes to update the list, so you are never sure if you added it and end up adding it again.
  11. KervinHomeDesign

    New Computer advice

    There are some very informative videos on youtube about how to build a PC. Everything is basic plug in, nothing complex at all. Unless you have overclocked before I'd suggest not doing it yourself, and any high end i7 or equivalent cpu should do fine without it. Building your own pc is kind of a hobby/enthusiast thing, so if you arent into spending a saturday putting it together and trouble shooting, best buy a pre built untit.
  12. KervinHomeDesign

    New Computer advice

    Here is a build yer own spec from newegg. Thes prices are in CAD so will be around $1600 USD at today's rates. Add for an OS and you are pretty close to that dell system. My list has a 750 watt PSU, while prebuilt systems usually go with the minimum wattage they can get away with. My list also includes the nvme drive. EDIT: It was pointed out that I had two CPU's in the list, so the adjusted price is $1,662 CAD or $1,250 USD - Newegg shopping upgraded ™.pdf
  13. KervinHomeDesign

    New Computer advice

    I'd get an upgrade to a 500gb NVMe drive. Many times faster, and 128mb is way too small. 16gb is a fair amount of memory, but check if it has 2 memory slots or 4. Assuming the system comes with 2 8gb ram modules, 4 slots allows you to upgrade without replacing your existing ram. Also check the clock speed on the CPU. Faster is better, but comes at a price. If you ever want to overclock your system, you will need to check that both the CPU and motherboard support this.
  14. KervinHomeDesign

    add to library symbol is missing in x11 for custom moldings

    That appears to be the case. If you look at his toolbar, there is a tool for convert to simple polyline, but not for converting to slabs, moldings, etc. My guess is the op drew the profile with the molding polyline tool.
  15. This is a good case where having an "all on" and "all off" layerset in your template will help you find or isolate objects. Use the all off layerset and only turn on layers you suspect or know that object you are looking for are on. If you've lost an object and don't know which layer it is on, use the all on set and see if you can spot it.