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  1. Thanks Jacob. Were you able to reproduce how this is caused by a beam intersecting the wall where normally the casing will generate properly?
  2. I went back to another plan that had this issue and in that case it WAS the railing, but only because I had a short railing wall that returned 90 degrees into the corner. I did that because the railing was 6" past the corner (as was the wall below) and the railing wall type was only 3" thick. On the plan that I took that screenshot from, the railing wall is 6" thick and is only 6" beyond the corner, and cheif manages to close the deck room without the need for that short railing return or stretching the exterior wall past the corner. So it appears that both CAN be a culprit, but in my case for the plan I'm working on today it was the beam.
  3. Thanks, I missed that. I've re uploaded and will do so as well in the tech support case file.
  4. MX Master 2X. Fits the hand well and has a thumb scroll wheel that I use for volume control. Easier than reaching for a knob on the speakers.
  5. If you open the file I uploaded there are no railings in the plan. I tested this thoroughly.
  6. This may have been reported and discussed before, but I've searched the forum and had no results. I have found this bug using X10 and have confirmed that it also occurs in X13. When I bump two windows together at a corner, so that the windows are tight to the inside finish layer of the wall, I sometimes find that the interior and/or exterior casing of one or both windows does not generate. I did some investigation and found the cause. If a floor or roof beam intersects the wall at the corner, this causes the casing to glitch. The bottom of the beam must be 1/16" above the top of the wall or the top of the beam 1/16" below the bottom of the wall for the casing to generate correctly. I have submitted a detailed bug report to Cheif Architect Technical Support. I just wanted to make a post here so anyone searching for answers might find this. I've uploaded a plan that demonstrates the conditions I've described. Beam removes corner window casing.zip
  7. I would suggest using "save as" to create a new plan, and delete all floors you are not working on. Later, you can copy/paste hold position all objects from the working plan into the full model. Also, when working in 3D or if you have a 3D view open in the background, try different rendering styles to see which one is faster. I find for me that standard rendering is faster than vector as it uses the GPU more than the CPU.
  8. I use this method, but can you clarify why this needs to be a pony wall? I just use a standard wall set to no room definition. Also, I usually drag up in cross section through the stairs to get a snap on to the stair structure, as well as to use "make parallel" to find the stair angle.
  9. You are posting this in the incorrect section. Please post questions for other users in the Q&A secion. This section is to offer your own tips and techniques to others.
  10. Thanks. Wanted to check here in Q&A before I made a suggestion.
  11. Does anyone know a way to include a totals row for cabinet schedules that will add up the width of all base cabinets to give a total of the linear cabinets? I'd like to be able to provide a quick and easy calculation for preliminary drawings so the client can get a tangible sense of how much cabinet space is provided.
  12. I follow a workflow that goes from broad concepts to specific details, a narrowing of focus, over the time of 3 to 4 revisions. I let my clients know that on the first meeting when we are doing space planning that cabinet doors are not important to discuss at this time. Getting the general flow of the plan and the function and arrangement of the spaces determined BEFORE we go into too much detail is important and keeps the project on track, preventing major deviations from the original design from derailling the process near the finishing stages.
  13. This would be great for a preliminary phase when we are waiting weeks for the surveyor to fit us in his schedule. Thanks, I'll check it out!
  14. "Tips and Tricks" is somewhat ambiguous as to the purpose of this forum, being that it is to offer new ideas. Sort of the opposite of "General Q&A." While the sub heading clarifies it, it seems that a lot of new users and users not familiar with the forum navigate here to ask for help instead of the Q&A section. I think a better title might help people recognize the purpose of this sub forum. I can't think of a name off the top of my head, but perhaps people have some suggestions. I'll be back if I think of something.
  15. I've been wanting this one but never even thought to make a feature request.
  16. Stairs are still a major outstanding issue in chief. We got some things a while back to hold us over, but until we are specifying their framing, have railing offsets, and probably a bunch of other stuff they are still a very basic tool IMO.
  17. Damn, this has a LOT of things we've been asking for for like 10 years. I was hoping to see some position control of dimension text laterally (as in to the left or right, instead of just above, below or centered on the line.) But maybe for X14. Love the automatic C/L feature thought! And framing header controls are finally fully functional!
  18. I have my s key bound to another tool via hotkeys. Do you know what tool or function the s key is controlling so that I can bind it to another hotkey?
  19. You should post this on the Q&A forum if you want people to respond with help for you. This forum is to offer tips you know that will help other users.
  20. You should be posting this on the Q&A forum. This forum is for you to share tips and tricks you have learned with other people. You will get more traffic looking at your problem if you post it in the right forum.
  21. I don't understand how my post wasn't clear.
  22. Nope, not like that. I select that and have to paint objects I've already drawn. Like I said in my post, I want to use the eyedropper, and when I select an object with it, chief assigns that layer's object as the default cad layer. I meant to post this in suggestions. Not sure if the mods can move it or if I should delete and repost it.
  23. I'd like a layer eyedropper tool that assigns the selected layer to be the current CAD layer. I'd use the **** out of this tool. Thanks! EDIT: Oops, meant to post this in suggestions.