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  1. You will get better responses if you post this in the Q&A forum. This forum does not get much traffic and is meant for people to showcase working methods they have developed or discovered that make certain tasks easier and/or provide better outcomes.
  2. You will get better responses if you post this in the Q&A forum. This forum does not get much traffic and is meant for people to showcase working methods they have developed or discovered that make certain tasks easier and/or provide better outcomes.
  3. How do you suppose that OP caused this without manual editing of the casing? Default settings would not get this result. It is more likely as Chris indicated that there is some issue with which side of the wall Chief considers to be the interior.
  4. Does anyone know why my temp dimensions appear like this when I want to resize a cabinet? If the cabinet is not adjacent to interior walls or other object, it will show the cabinet width. Otherwise it will show distance to a nearby wall and not indicate the cabinet width. 2023-10-18 09-13-34.mp4
  5. You beat me to this. Frustrates me to no end.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I was thinking something along the same lines. I would probably write a python script that handles a lot of this. I already use a script to copy my template project folder. Here's a quick video:
  7. I'm looking to expand my team and am exploring the IT side of it. I want to have all projects stored in a central place, either my workstation or a server, but I'm of the impression that chief doesn't like to have files on a central server. I'm wondering how some of you deal with this issue? I'm not even sure if I'm asking the right questions as this is something I haven't ever really paid much attention to.
  8. I'm curious about your setup, and also got thinking about something myself. I made a suggestion the other day that we need to be able to add cad and cad blocks to custom schedules, and I think it would be cool if the schedule would show the cad block like it does for roof planes, windows and doors, trusses, etc. Then a detail sheet could be just a schedule basically. Edit: Getting a cad block to show in a schedule at the proper scale would be a nightmare.
  9. I think I put a fairly healthy disclaimer to that effect in both my post and the video, but thanks for being an ass anyway.
  10. I've been exploring this workaround that was inspired by Joe Carrick's post below, but I'm not sure if I like it or not. I just wanted to post the video for feedback and to see if any of you have better ideas or want to take off running with this. I haven't explored this much in X15 so there may be a lot better implementations of what I am trying over there.
  11. It would be helpful for people to know what your workload in chief is like; do you raytrace? is it mostly design and construction documents? are you running multiple monitors? This is one reason I stay away from Mac, because I want to build my systems specifically for my workload and not rely on a pre-built scheme. I will also say that my PC system (see specs below) was built around the same time and is showing its age, even with the 7700k overclocked to 4.8GHz. This could simply be a matter of older hardware not up to the demands of newer software. It could also be bloat; lots of software installations that are weighing down your system resources like memory and CPU. Have you had an Apple technician service it in the last 6 years?
  12. For future questions, you might want to use the Q&A sub-forum in the Discussion category of this forum. This sub-forum is for users to share with others interesting tips and workarounds that other people can learn and use to improve productivity. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/forum/7-general-q-a/
  13. You probably want to do this with moldings in an elevation camera.
  14. The pictures attached show my setup. I use a 32" center monitor flanked by two 24s. Having a center monitor is ideal for neck comfort, where having only two with the center bezels directly in front is going to cause neck, shoulder and back strain.
  15. I use a 3 monitor setup, with a 32" in the center and a 24" on either side. Having to look to one side or the other all the time is not ideal and can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. The side monitors are for quick reference, and the pictures show my standard setup with the Layout file open on the left monitor with the library and project browser, the plan views on the center monitor, and the 3D views to the right. If I have to look at one for more than a brief moment I drag it to the center monitor. I plan to upgrade the side monitors to 32" and raise the 24s above them. I use this THIS MOUNT to hold them precisely where I need them and keep my desktop clear of stands.
  16. I still have my Z170 board and 7700k from like 6 years ago. I'd upgrade to his current system in a heartbeat.
  17. The new elevation cad snaps makes custom muntins a breeze! Just dropping in a thank you to Chief for that.
  18. Never made sense to me that north arrow and sun angle were in cad lines. They are geographic settings and impact exterior lighting and shadows.
  19. Thanks for your responses, I will forward this information to the client. Rod
  20. My client sent me this email this morning: I'm a PC user, so I can't go and investigate this. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
  21. I swear it was Professor Plum in the Hall with the candlestick! Personally though, I think "bowling alley" needs to be in the default rooms list. Because reasons. And because my dream home that I will never build will have a bowling alley. Don't judge!
  22. I got the release email and I'm not on the public beta. I was wanting to download the trial version and kick the tires, but it sent me X14. Weird.
  23. You can edit a truss profile in a cross section view. Draw the truss, create a cross section, and then pull the bottom cord of the truss down to the top of the jack stud.
  24. Curious why Acad lite? Is it for something else or is Revit not enough?
  25. I completely understand your sentiment but from somewhat of a different perspective. I an 15 years into my business and career, and I'm currently using X10. The SSA renewals have simply been problematic for me because they are due near each new release, which is in the winter, which is a slow season for me. As much as I have tried to budget for it through the busy times, it always seemed that I needed the money elsewhere more urgently. So every year a new release went from a $595 SSA renewal, to an $800 upgrade, to a $1200 upgrade, to a $1700 upgrade, to now a $2200 upgrade. Plus exchange to CAD. I'm doing fine on X10, and I learn to be efficient and effective with the tools I have. But I want to expand my team, and I now have one license at X10 and can only get a 2nd license at X14/X15 at FULL COST unless I upgrade X10 first. Ok, so that's a cost of doing business, but I can make it work. If I were to upgrade middle of 2023, I'd have two versions of X15 and I could chose whether or not to upgrade them later. But now, once I do this, I only have one fallback license of X10 I can use, as the rest are subscription based and I really don't own anything. I'm in for the ride. I can make that work, although I don't consider it ideal. But this presents me an opportunity: If I am now faced with a new pricing and licensing scheme, then now is the time to shop around other programs. What else is out there? I haven't looked at SoftPlan since 2007, I'm sure they are much better than they were back then. Or how about Revit Lite at $500 a year? What I'm saying is that in their bid to get new customers, they are really forcing legacy customers into an uncomfortable shift, where their only option to keep the status quo was to have been diligent all these years with renewing their SSA. I would need to pay $3,100 by the deadline to get the "grandfathering" scheme. What else could I buy with $3,100 today? Everyone's on subscription now? Oh, look! Softplan is $95 per month! I wonder if they will do? I would happily pay Chief $3,100 for 3 licenses of X10, based on what their upgrade path values my license at, so I could have 4 software packages that are compatible. I'm in for a LOT more if I want 4 compatible versions of X15 one day. So... I'm going to shop around. See what I find. Weigh my options.