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  1. dshall

    Seeking Southern California User Group

    I have been using this program for 15 years. I have tried user groups, private tutors etc, The best way I have found to get help is right here on Chief Talk. There are plenty of good folks on this site who will help you out....... and just think about it.... you can usually get an answer in less than 10 minutes.
  2. dshall

    How to Build a Cupola

    Yeppers .... except I ain't smart enough to do the auto roofs
  3. dshall

    Site Plan Service ?

    Here it is Joe,
  4. Try Tommy Blair, he is in Houston.
  5. Try Tommy Blair,  he lives in Houston

  6. dshall

    This is interesting, anybody seen this?

    Well, they bought the home, but I do not think it has been surveyed yet.... so I do not know. They might come to me this year. Whenever you buy something in La Jolla, I think it takes some time to get your feet under you again.
  7. Do you want to share their solution?
  8. dshall

    All Your Questions Answered Here

    I think Perry is right, I usually do it Perry's way.
  9. dshall

    All Your Questions Answered Here

    Rich Winsor, almost as funny as Alan L. thanks, good laugh in the AM.
  10. dshall

    Ceiling Joist Size

  11. dshall

    Ceiling Joist Size

    see how I changed it, select, open and change.
  12. dshall

    Ceiling Joist Size

    select that arrow and open and change it.
  13. dshall

    Display exterior walls in roof plan view

    I leave interior and exterior walls on the default layer. It is not worth the hassle to separate them. For 2 stories I have learned to use room fills to hide lower floor walls that are under the second floor envelope. I just wish that the DOORS would take on the fill of the adjacent room. IOW, I can see the ref floor below that I do not want to see. So why don't I turn that layer off? because there are some items OUTSIDE OF THOSE 2ND FLOOR PERMITER that I do want to see, i.e. the first floor walls that are outside of the 2nd floor envelope.
  14. dshall

    Display exterior walls in roof plan view

    Good info to know.