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  1. Does that mean I am the big winner? Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Thanks Rob for verifying.
  2. Perry, when you send to layout using LIVE VIEW your cannot control line weights via layer set. If you send PLOT LINES with color fill, you can control line weights with layer.
  3. Hi Rob, I am not sure you are correct..... but I am not sure I am correct. I did a test, sent a LIVE VIEW and a PLOT LINE VIEW to layout with super heavy line weights for a particular layer, and in layout they were super heavy (but one was super heavier than the other), but when I went to print to PDFS, the LIVE VIEW was not heavy any more. Did you test it? The first pic is a screen shot of the LAYOUT, The second pic is a screen shot of the PDF. Note there is no heavy line at the building on the left. (BTW, is a layer called WALL,PARAPET that has the super heavy line. Let's take a vote, who believes me and who believes Rob?
  4. Yep, I think that is the answer, PLOT LINES because you can control line weights whereas with LIVE VIEW the line weights cannot be control by layer set. Nuts, I was hoping the answer was LIVE VIEW because it seems so much faster.
  5. You have a point. Back in the day that kind of stuff was rampant, these days. not so bad. These days I live with it... benefits outweigh the downside for me.
  6. Hmmmm..... even if UPDATE ON DEMAND is selected and not UPDATE ALWAYS being selected?
  7. exactly, color is awesome..... so you use plot lines with color fill because it looks better on monitor, I get it. an advantage of LIVE VIEW (if you can get past blurriness on screen) is it updates much much faster. Yews Larry, plot lines update when you ask all views to be updated.
  8. Do you use LIVE VIEW or PLOT LINES? What do you think the upside or downside is of each method?
  9. I think you can print in color to PDF, and then when you send the color PDF to your print shop, I believe they have the option to print in color or black and white...... correct? Yeah, the color printing is a cost my clients do not want to pay.
  10. I am late to the party.... again. I sent my ELEVATIONS & SECTIONS to layout with PLOT LINES (no color fill) before this pandemic. Now with the Cities taking on line digital submittals I am going to be using color much more. For ELEVATIONS I am now using LIVE VIEW (update on demand) sent to layout...... should I use PLOT LINES (color fill?) For SECTIONS, what do you guys suggest..... PLOT LINES (with color) or LIVE VIEWS? thanks,
  11. dshall

    Hot Keys not working on PC

    It is fixed, my mistake, somebody had screwed it up initially but then I did a poor job diagnosing the solution. Michael helped me.
  12. dshall

    Hot Keys not working on PC

    Thanks Michael, you are the best!!! My bad.
  13. dshall

    Hot Keys not working on PC

    Here is a pic of his hot keys
  14. dshall

    Hot Keys not working on PC

    Yeah, we did that, there are 3 hotkeys in there, I am not sure if they are even default hotkeys. IAE, I should be able to add a new hot key.... just one hot key and I cannot. I have tried importing hotkey lists and I have tried adding just one hot key via the CUSTOMOIZE HOTKEY DBX, it is a no go. The attached pic is a pic of my list, not the one from the PC. It is so weird. He called into tech and they suggested creating a hot key list , which is what you suggested, so we did it and now what.?
  15. dshall

    Hot Keys not working on PC

    I have a Mac, hot keys work great. My Dad has a PC , hot keys are not working. He can have a plan and his hotkeys will not work. I try importing hot keys, can't do it. I try customizing hot keys, can't do it. I take his plan and put it on my Mac and the hot keys works. What could be the reason that the PC is not recognizing hot keys? I am sure it is something easy to fix, maybe a PC setting someplace that he inadvertently changed that turned them off. thanks guys,