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  1. rwdozier

    3D Viewer multiple camera views

    That's what sort of figured. Thanks!
  2. Am I missing something about the 3D viewer? I can export a plan with the three perspective overviews: Perspective Full Overview Perspective Floor Overview Perspective Framing Overview But when viewed in the 3D viewer, the Floor and Framing Overviews appear just like the Full Overview. Thank you.
  3. rwdozier

    Quick Changing the Selection Marquee

    CA never ceases to amaze me! Great tip adding toggles to the toolbars Michael.
  4. rwdozier

    Triple Gable

    Thanks Steve, but I am still on X11. The photo seems to what I am attempting to achieve and yes, I have a solution for the problem area. Thanks.
  5. rwdozier

    Triple Gable

    Many thanks for all of your replies. I will proceed with manual roof planes. Thanks.
  6. rwdozier

    Triple Gable

    Attempting a triple gable look that a client likes. Is there a simple way to achieve this look? Here is my stab at it. I just can't seem to get the middle gable reversed without a bunch of manual roof planes. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks... Triple_Gable_Test_03.plan
  7. rwdozier

    Roof plane locked at 10 pitch

    Thanks! I sure don't remember doing that.
  8. rwdozier

    Roof plane locked at 10 pitch

    What's got this single roof plane locked at 10 pitch. House is to be 7 pitch, but whatever pitch is set to build roof planes, this single roof plane always stays locked at 10 pitch. Weird_10_pitch_in_roof.plan
  9. rwdozier

    Monitor question

    Thank you!
  10. rwdozier

    Monitor question

    Any specific specifications needed for my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 to support a TCL 4K monitor? Thank you!
  11. rwdozier

    Monitor question

    I've been using a 28" monitor for the longest time. Reading this thread has me wanting to upgrade to something larger. In the past when searching for a monitor, one of the key factors was dot pitch or pixel pitch and I don't see any mention of that with these large monitors/TVs. Is it not a concern with the latest technology? Also, I seem to recall seeing a thread which shows photos of CA users with their office setup showing the monitors in use. Anyone know where it is or could some of you post some photos of your large monitors/TVs in use? Thanks!
  12. rwdozier

    File properties

    With X11, In your layout, select Tools, Layout, Referenced Plan Files.
  13. rwdozier

    Syncing Title Block Between Pages.

    Put the title block on layout page zero.
  14. rwdozier

    Rotate to Align question (answered)

    Easy! That's awesome Alaskan_Son! I knew I had seen that dialog box at some point in the past and I was challenged to try and figure it out. Thanks!!!
  15. rwdozier


    Well maybe?, I just reread your post and saw that Toolbars is already checked.