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  1. Unless I am missing something, I suspect this will not work in versions previous to X12?
  2. OR.... pertaining to house prices - what is the price per ft²?
  3. In Saved Text Styles, edit the Room Label Style. Of course, you could copy it first and tweak it for your current project and revert back anytime.
  4. Hint... In Wall Types, define the wall and set your brick ledge height there.
  5. PS, or.... Build Roof, Edit All Roof Planes, Frieze....
  6. Roof Plane Specification, Frieze and add your selection of Molding Profiles.
  7. Highlight the text THEN change the text to the height you desire.
  8. That's awesome! Oh, the power of CA!
  9. Try placing a marker on layout page zero and then you can point to point move anything to that marker.
  10. Thanks guys! This method meets my needs well. And yes, I always consult with an engineer for any concerns. Thanks again.
  11. Am I missing something about intersecting wall doorways? Framing seems to be ok, but I still have something in the doorway in 3D view. Thank you. Untitled 1.pdf Untitled 1.plan
  12. I could not be happier with my 43" TCL. Less than $240, tax and all. see specs below.