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  1. rwdozier

    Intersecting wall doorways

    Thanks guys! This method meets my needs well. And yes, I always consult with an engineer for any concerns. Thanks again.
  2. rwdozier

    Intersecting wall doorways

    Ok, Thanks!
  3. rwdozier

    Intersecting wall doorways

    Am I missing something about intersecting wall doorways? Framing seems to be ok, but I still have something in the doorway in 3D view. Thank you. Untitled 1.pdf Untitled 1.plan
  4. rwdozier

    Screen Size / Resolution

    approximately 30"
  5. rwdozier

    Screen Size / Resolution

    I could not be happier with my 43" TCL. Less than $240, tax and all. see specs below.
  6. rwdozier

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    There are two types of PC users - ones who back up and ones who wish they had. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!
  7. rwdozier

    Video Editing Software compatible with Chief Architect

    This helped me....
  8. rwdozier

    Living Area Square feet notation disappears.

    Known issue - this will correct it... Tools, Checks, Plan Check
  9. rwdozier

    Brick Ledge, Garage curb

    Ok, I started CA and selected New Plan, drew the same walls, built the foundation and all's good. But being that I like to see what caused this, I opened the problem plan file, did an Edit Area (all floors) and pasted into the new plan and did another cross section and it too has the same issue. I need to get going on this plan so I may not know what caused this. Thank you all for your replies!!!
  10. rwdozier

    Brick Ledge, Garage curb

    Wow! How can I be sure I've deleted all of the Auto Detail polylines? Please see the camera view too, it shows the brick not on the lowered brick ledge depth.
  11. rwdozier

    Brick Ledge, Garage curb

    Ok, going crazy here... I thought I had this figured out, but now I can't get the wall brick to drop down to the brick ledge depth set at 8". What am I overlooking? Thank you. Plan_02_Help_X.plan
  12. rwdozier

    Brick Ledge, Garage curb

    That did it!!! Thank you very much.
  13. rwdozier

    Brick Ledge, Garage curb

    I am changing some default settings to start a new plan and I don't know where the settings are to create a garage curb that extends past the interior wall. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks. Foundation_Test_Plan_03.plan
  14. rwdozier

    Exposed Stud

    I had this very issue just the other day. Turned out to be that I had TWO doorways in the same location.