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  1. That is just awesome! Which PC was it done on?
  2. Thank you for your response! You confirmed what I had figured out by trial and error. I was making it really harder than it is. Yes, I had changed every floor joist setting that I could find in the Default Settings. I just could not get the "Framing, Floor Joists" color to change in the Perspective Framing Overview, even by changing just ONE room's Room Specification, Structure, Floor Structure settings. I then discovered that I could make the color finally change by changing the Room Specification, Structure, Floor Structure settings in ALL (or select key rooms) of the rooms on the second floor. So, to make sure I understood what I had discovered and with your explanation, I set all of the floor joist settings in the Default Settings back to their original settings. And I can now "toggle" the color on and off just by selecting all second level rooms and changing the Floor Structure Settings to change the color of the "Framing, Floor Joists" color to change in the Perspective Framing Overview. I love CA!
  3. In X11, I can't seem to change the default Pattern, Texture color of the "Framing, Floor Joists" where the colored Floor Joists will appear in the Perspective Framing Overview. Auto framing is on. What could I be missing?
  4. Thanks, With no second level, I discovered it must have been foundation related in that I deleted the foundation, rebuilt it and now there is no line in the reference display.
  5. I noticed some red lines along the interior of an exterior wall in a plan layout. I open that plan view and when viewing the first floor, and then toggling reference display, the red lines appear only on two adjacent walls of the entire plan. The issue occurs in all plan views. I have deleted the two walls and then recreated new walls. The red lines stay in place with walls moved. Any ideas?
  6. Many ways to skin a cat.... I do this to manually archive my CA editing progress. 123_house_01.plan 123_house_01.layout - linked to 123_house_01.plan I copy both the above .plan file and the .layout file as follows: 123_house_02.plan 123_house_02.layout - linked to 123_house_01.plan I then open 123_house_02.layout and manually link it to 123_house_02.plan. Really, the only thing I need to do manually is link the new .layout file to the new .plan file. I have a Windows Powershell script to automate the copy of the files.
  7. To get a superscript 2 for m², press and hold ALT while typing 253 on the keyboard number pad. For superscript 3, it's ALT-179
  8. I'd send whatever you wish to print to layout, size it to fill the page unless you need it scaled and then print that page from layout.
  9. In the library, there are scads of CAD Blocks and Details in the Chief Architect Core Catalogs and Chief Architect Bonus Catalogs. Edit to meet your needs.
  10. This is awesome! I know I will be able to use this feature. Playing around with it, I found that "Arc Centerd and Ends" do not need to be on.
  11. Not an issue with X11 (not sure which version you all are using). My preferences are set to "Last Folder". I tried it many different ways with .layout and .plan files. I opened files from a Windows Explorer folder and the CA Startup Options splash screen - all prompt to "Save As" in the folder from which it was opened, as expected. Sorry, subject says X14....
  12. Couldn't you Build Roof Planes and Retain Manually Drawn Roof Planes?