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  1. Well blow me down! Since you ask it that way, I now realize that dishwashers are installed between two bases. DOH! Now I must check to see that my cabinet guy is not charging me for the linear footage for that "non cabinet". Thank you!!!!
  2. Am I missing something? When I place a basic dishwasher in a cabinet base, the cabinet base disappears from the cabinet schedule and the material list. However, the dishwasher and cabinet show up in 2D and 3D views. I was able to reproduce the issue with a basic plan attached. Thank you. ...Bob Untitled 1.plan
  3. Off message topic, but I really like your font. Nice and crisp! Is it your OS font? What font is it? Thanks!
  4. rwdozier

    External hard drive

    Wow! That's nuts how technology has changed. Off topic here a bit, my first PC in 1986 had a 20MB HDD the size of dictionary - thought I'd never run out of disk space. Now, my smart phone can take photos that can be larger than 20MB! That same smart phone of mine has a 120GB micro SD card the size of a dime and my computer has a 500GB NVMe PCIe SSD drive on a circuit board the size of club cracker. Back to work now! ...Bob
  5. rwdozier

    External hard drive

    About 10 years ago, I invested in a Synology DS211+ 6TB (2 x 3000GB) 2-bay NAS Server and glad I did. Although it's support life has ended, it is still running strong and Synology still has regular updates. It has many features - archiving many photos, files, etc. It can be your own personal cloud, audio and video server as well. I have StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX on all of our home/office networked PCs performing regular backups to the NAS. About 2 years ago, I purchased two 6TB drives because they were getting less expensive and I just felt the NAS need some breathing room for storage area. I pulled one of the 3TB drives out of the NAS "hot" and plugged in a new 6TB drives and with a few clicks, the NAS system began rebuilding the data for the new drive in system. It took several hours, but all went well. I did the same for the second 3TB drive. Two types of computer users - those who backup regularly and those who wish they had! Sorry for the long post. ...Bob
  6. rwdozier

    X12 It's The Little Things...

    Another little thing that annoys me in X11. Haven't taken the step to X12 just yet, but is there now an option in X12 to keep the aspect ratio in 'point to point resize'?
  7. rwdozier

    Water colour render taking too!!

    When I open the camera view, I get the DBX indicating missing files: (17A)Casual_WO_WeekendCottage_Panel2_72dpi.jpg marble slab 1.jpg select-cedarmill-timber-bark.jpg Because I don't have these files, I just click DONE and then close the camera. Once I open the camera again, it only takes less than 6 seconds. If I had the files, I could test again. See my signature for my system specifications.
  8. rwdozier

    Polyline Union, Cannot Find it

    My "Polyline Union" is located here even with just one polyline selected.
  9. rwdozier

    Whats your screen layout

    Hello Rene, I am curious about the details of your 40" screen? I used a 23" for the longest time and recently moved to a 28" and wished I had gone with something larger So many detailed choices! Thanks!
  10. rwdozier

    Emailing Walk-Thru videos

    Dave - ditto very nice project! Is it strictly X10?
  11. rwdozier

    I cannot sketch this in CA for some reason

    Here's my stab at it. The bottom base width is unknown, but the lower circle can be sized to hit each point. Challenge.plan
  12. rwdozier

    Is there an additive measurement tool in Chief?

    I have used Bluebeam Revu for several years to do takeoffs from PDFs. Even if I have created something in Chief, to me, Revu is my 'go to' application. Great for a really quick tile takeoff to send to my supplier. I think it would work well for what you are wanting to do - every line you can draw over a wall will be included in a markup list that can be group totaled, sorted, etc. All to scale because you can 'calibrate' Revu to match the scale of whatever you open. I know there are most likely ways to do some of the same tasks in Chief, but Revu is very intuitive right from the start. Give the trial download a shot.- you won't be disappointed. They also have some sample and training videos.
  13. rwdozier

    X11 News

    Check out what it says here:
  14. rwdozier

    Finding created drawings

    File associations are created upon the installation of Chief Architect. On a Windows system, you can use "File Explorer" to locate, move or file your .plan or .layout files anywhere you want. Then, simply double clicking the .plan or .layout file in "File Explorer" will launch Chief Architect.
  15. rwdozier

    Complexity of other programs - kudos to Chief

    X5 has been meeting my needs. But, from what I've read on this forum, I would really love to take X5 to X10 or X11 - waiting on pricing special they sometimes have around the end of the year.