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  1. I am very pleased with my TCL 43" 4 Series 4K TV (43S425) @ 3840x2160 as my main screen/monitor.
  2. See if this will work for you: - Remove the Number column in the schedules. - Window / Door Schedule Specification, Label, Uncheck Use Callout for Label.
  3. I am very pleased with this "4K TV" as my monitor.... TCL 43" 4 Series 4K TV (43S425) @ 3840x2160
  4. You can import plan views from another plan.
  5. I question that as well.... However, Check the scale of the printed PDF with a PDF viewer/editor such as Bluebeam REVU. If the scale is correct, then have the hard copy print with the proper paper size using "no scaling" or whatever the printer options are.
  6. On a windows PC, I right-click drag the corner to resize proportionally OR use the resize tool.
  7. Thanks Michael. Good to know. If I used CA more often, I'd move on up to X12 and X13. X11 meets all of my needs for now. I appreciate all the support from you folks!
  8. Hmm, what's the outcome on this?
  9. Maybe the OP is using CA X11? I am currently using CA X11 and get the same results as the OP. Where's your signature justin-c?
  10. Why not just open the most recent layout file? CA will launch automatically.
  11. That's just weird! There are two types of computer users, those who back up their data and those who wish they had.
  12. I just have to chime in here. Homes have been built for hundreds of years from hand drawn plans. Plans are now digitally printed and it appears the "ones" are too close together? It's just plain "common sense" for the framer - look at the tape measure, is it 12' 1 1/4" or 12' 11 1/4"? If a framer can't read a plan that says 12' 1 1/4", either train the framer to understand what he should already know or get a framer who can read the plan. If you want to cater to his elementary school needs, just set the plan dimensions to have no fractions at all. Dang, I am totally amazed how pyramids were built to their preciseness and we are discussing "ones" being too close! Just my 2 cents...
  13. Now that is an awesome system!!!!!
  14. rwdozier


    Forcing Chief Architect Programs to Use a Specific Graphics Card in Windows 10