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  1. No worries Mick. The error was mine. At the beginning of my thread, I was asked to update my signature page and didn't complete it as I should have. Thanks again for everyone who has helped and if I figure out what's happening, I will post back. Be well....
  2. Thanks Dermot. Sorry about the Version12 versus X12. Dermot, Your assumptions are correct and im inclined to believe it is something I've done. I just cant for the life of me figure out what. I've been sending views to layouts for 20 years now and never had this problem. I love the program and appreciate the help. Probably wont figure it out on this one, but if It happens on the next plan and plan set, I will have to get some professional help (which my wife says I need anyway.. lol). Have a great holiday everyone and thanks to those who have lent their 2 cents. Be safe, Mike
  3. Version 12. Sorry, I will update my profile now. My send to layout does not look like yours....
  4. By the way, happy Independence Day!
  5. ok, I was not sure exactly what to post. I'm having the same issue with this again. My dimensions have disappeared on my layout page. When I double click on the section box, it brings me back to the correct section from the correct plan. The problem is that the layer display options layer sets has changed to default. it should be section. That's what it was originally sent as. So, when I change the view back to section view, my dimensions reappear as should be. Then I try to refresh layout page, but still no dimensions. When I resent the view to layout, the dimensions stick. I can make it happen, it just does. I have now sent all sections back to layout and everything seems fine again for now. Im assuming its something im doing, but I really have no idea. I did not change any of my section views to default. Maybe there is a preference or default setting that's screwing with me? I'm happy to post anything anyone would like to look at. If not, its off to tech support. Or maybe Dan Baumann if he's still available.
  6. I didn't realize that the Layout DBX would have helped you. The plan file was linked correctly. When I clicked on the elevation, it took me to the plan that was intended. I tried re-linking and updating, but it did not help. Ended up re-sending elevations to layout. Its probably my error, I just hope it doesn't happen again. I do appreciate the attempt at helping though. Sincerely, Mike
  7. Im hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I'm working on a full home remodeling project. I have elevations that are sent to layout. After working on door and window schedules, I happened to notice that all my elevation dimensions are not showing on the layout page. When I click on the elevation, it links me back to the camera view and the dimensions are there. I thought maybe I had the dimensions layer turned off on the plan or layout page. Nope, both are on. Still not showing. Then I tried sending the elevation to layout again and the dimensions came along with it and stayed. If I cant figure out why the dimensions wont show on layout page, I will have to delete and re-send every elevation. anyone have a clue they would be willing to share? Thanks,
  8. I told you I would get back to you. Its been crazy busy! You were right! Somehow my setting went to 300 in. I know I didn't change it, at least not intentionally. Just weird. Cant thank you enough for the generosity. Thanks so much. Mike Ellis
  9. I will try that and let you know. As always, thanks for those who are willing to help. Thanks you Michael, Mike
  10. I have no idea what's going on. I must have changes unwittingly changed something. I went in to a plan and reversed a cabinet layout and now the line weights are crazy heavy. and now, if I open any additional layouts, they do the same thing upon closing. Would anyone have a helpful suggestion? Its kind of driving me nuts. I went into the layouts and looked at the weights there. They are all set at 3 which is what I have been printing at and everything has been fine. Thanks, Mike Problem Layout.pdf
  11. Is there anyone out there who could make me 6 different thermador appliance symbols? For a price of course. Let me know. This is what I need. MED302JP: Thermador 30" wide electric double oven with convection in upper oven, pro handle PCG366G: Thermador 36" wide gas range top, six burners DWHD651JFP: Thermador dishwasher T30IR800SP: Thermador 30" wide all refrigerator column (front panel to be stainless) T18ID800LP: Thermador 18" wide all freezer column with ice and water dispenser (also stainless) VCIB36JP: Thermador blower unit for a custom style range hood, 1000 CFMS
  12. I didn't see your post this morning and have to get out to measure for an addition. Kind of scary right now. I went so far as to uninstall and re-install Chief. I then opened a plan file stored in chief. Colonial plan from the chief library and saved that in a test folder on my flash drive as "Untitled 4". I drew some walls and tried to save it to the same folder as Untitled 4 Proposed and the file name on the plan did not change and there was no additional file saved in the folder. if your gunna say did I try to save it to my hard drive, no I didn't with this plan, but I have over the last few weeks with my other plans. No luck. I have been doing it this way for years. Go out in the field to draw an existing and then back in my office creating a proposed. What I ended up doing this morning was going into the flash drive, taking the "untitled 4" file and copying it to my new client folder and renaming it. I think this is going to work for now, but WOW! I just don't know how I screwed this thing up. I feel like I can almost see it.... Some radio button I clicked when I sneezed. Thanks again for all the comments and I will post a screen shot or whatever you would want if your interested in seeing what the problem might be. Gotta go make the dollor now. Thanks, Mike
  13. I have ben using chief since version 8. I have been using X6 for a while now. Just recently I have been having the problem when I use my laptop. I can start a plan and work on it. Save it and it saves the changes. But, if I try to rename the plan file to lets say "Smith plan proposed" The file will not save and the plan file does not change name. I have contacted chief about this and had some correspondence, but they did not reply to my last email. Must have lost interest. I don't know what has changed, but I can save as any other file on my computer to any drive I want. I still don't get it. Is it chief or my laptop? Its probably something I did, but only god knows what right now. Mike
  14. Thank you all for the possibilities. I will follow up with and let you know what happens. Thanks Doug and Kbird. Mike
  15. Hard drive is a little over half full. That could have made sense. Thanks for the thought though Dennis. Thanks anyway Lew. I thought someone here may have encountered the problem before and if so, maybe the resolution would help in the future. Mike