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  1. pokke700


    oke thanks for helping me so fast
  2. pokke700


    yes that is the problem the hedges
  3. pokke700


    it is possible yes i try it will remove it and see what it gives and what if this is the case how can i fix this thanks
  4. pokke700


    yes, those are 9 small hedges that I have made into a hedge thanks for te fast replie
  5. pokke700


    Hey, everything worked quickly open plan eg change color switch from one to the other now suddenly everything will take a very long time when I open a camera view this takes o as long as a minus how is this and what can I do about it greetings Paul
  6. Hey, Thank you for responding so quickly now i see the stupid of me still thanks greats Paul
  7. Hey, every time I open a chief my roofs are gone or not visible how do I solve this (see photo) MVG Paul
  8. Hey, on one photo the gray band is on the wall below and on my chief a plan this is not how I can do this in chief a.
  9. Hey, I am trying to get the gray borderon the wall as shown in the photo and wanted to do this with the wall material region but if I want to draw this in elevation view this will not work what am I doing wrong thanks
  10. Hey, roof planes not visible how do I make them visible again thanks paul
  11. en how can i do that please
  12. Hey, it is possible to give a piece of a wall a different color or texture greats Paul
  13. Hey, it is possible to edit an object from the libary browser because some items are similar to what I would like to obtain with some changes to the item
  14. how can i convert something i have drawn with the cad tools in chief x10 to 3d to use in my plan now when i draw something i see nothing of my drawing back in perspective floor
  15. Hey, I made a garden house in Chief X10 and now I at the end of the roof give the finish with arcs exactly the photo. I have edited this in photoshop and made it a .ping now my question is can I use a .ping in chief x10 because I can import this ping but then I see nothing on the camera in 3D someone can tell me how make wavy tip goot tuinhuis 3.bmp goot tuinhuis 3.bmp