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  1. jonboythats nice one like to share your working experience
  2. VisualDandD- thank you very much for your suggestion sir actually i am self study with lumion so i really pleasure to your advice ..
  3. yes.... do you have beater option than this sir,,
  4. any body here work with chief architect and lumion rendering ,,, this is my simple sample - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sp+home+creation
  5. see this we can do this easy way Untitled 2.plan
  6. hi send me your file i will edit it for you
  7. hello,,, we are using CA 11 , pls help me to find out most suitable template to make house plan. here i attached one of my project pls see that i cant make full construction detail drawing set with this sp.254.1.mahendra.kurunegala.plan