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  1. Ronniesha


    I am definitely probably not understanding. I am not a chief pro, just a beginner! I can try to find some videos about it!
  2. Ronniesha


    I am sure if I spend hours of tweaking this method I could get it to work. But that would be time consuming and as I said before if I created a polyline around the room and filled it white then it would obviously be covering the rooms around it. Then I would have to create more layers for the other rooms. And this just isn't a great use of time! It's okay though! I can just not do what I am trying to do!
  3. Ronniesha


    Interesting approach but still doesn't work. If I added polyline solids around all the rooms they would overlap and cover up other rooms. I don't think this is something that could be achieved in chief architect.
  4. Ronniesha


    I am dimensioning windows, doors, and the room. I need room to dimension. If I cut my box down to where I need it it will cut off the dimensions. Simply "moving" the dimensions so they don't get cropped is not an answer. I like to crop the floorplan down to the walls (so it doesn't show other rooms) but keep the dimensions showing. Like the attached photo
  5. Ronniesha


    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to be able to crop your layout box of the floorplan but also keep the dimensions? Currently when I crop my floorplan it also crops out my dimensions.
  6. Ronniesha


    Yeah I just did and I got it to work the way I wanted! Thank you kindly!
  7. Ronniesha


    Hi, I have already done this. But when I draft a dimensions line it - as a default - puts it under the "manual" dimension layer and NOT my lighting dimension layer. In order to get the new dimension to show under the layer I want I have to turn my "manual" dimension layer back on - click the new dimension - and go into the layer properties and change it to the correct layer. I am assuming there is a way to just have my dimensions automatically set to the "lighting dimension" layer instead of the "manual dimension" layer. I only want my manual dimensions to show on the new floor plan? Does that make sense? I know its alot lol
  8. Ronniesha


    So I am going to try and explain my problems as clear as possible. I have a new floor plan view with a matching new floor plan layer set. On that layer set I have it set up to show or not show certain things like dimensions etc. Then I have a lighting plan view with a lighting layer set. On that layer set I have certain layers turned off and certain layers turned on. For example on my lighting layer set I have a layer for lighting dimensions. My problem is that when I draft a dimension on my lighting plan view the dimension automatically defaults to manual dimensions which I have turned off because those dimensions on that layer are for my new floorplan not my lighting plan. How can I get around this problem? Please don't link the videos about layers I have watched them all!
  9. Hi Thinking about going from a iMac desktop to a mac laptop so I can work from home, coffee shop, etc. What is a good mac laptop that can run chief effieciently? TIA!
  10. Ronniesha

    Fill/poche on walls

    @DzinEye Alright that worked! I didnt have the layer on!
  11. Ronniesha

    Fill/poche on walls

    @DzinEye What does the wall hatch look like? Also I tried to change the fill on my wall specification but it doesn't show in my plan view
  12. Ronniesha

    Fill/poche on walls

    Hi all. I am trying to poche/fill my walls on my lighting plan. Currently the walls show up as white fill and I just to want them to be a grey fill See attached photo
  13. Ronniesha

    Elevation symbols different sizes

    Alrighty - I ended up changing the name of the page and so it changed the size of the elevation call out!
  14. Hello Does anyone have an idea of why my elevation symbols are different size? I have like really small ones, medium ones, and then HUGE ones. I just want them all to be the same size. I am sure it is something simple. See attached photo
  15. Ronniesha

    Screen capture materials tool

    THIS WORKED! Thank you so much!