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  1. I may have, but I don't recall clicking on that button. No I did not get any error messages prior to any of these problems in the plan file and I did also save the file before and after the problems, but it was not a save as. Also at this point I have almost gotten back to where I was in the layout I was creating so I may just use your tips to try recover the file and for future reference. Due to my setting being auto archive daily rather than hourly a backup/archive file was not created for the work I had done. I was unsure if the problem was related to the update or not so hence posting it here as it was a new issue never experienced before the update on any file including ones that are much larger in size.
  2. I did the update yesterday morning. I was working in chief all day yesterday with no issues then at the end of the day it started to act a little weird, I was placing a elevation view for an interior shot and all other ones I had placed I was using color fill and same with the last one I placed, but the last one ended up with no color fill. I went to the floor plan and the lighting fixtures in the drawings were showing as red boxes with X's through them along with all the other 3d items in the drawing file were black boxes with X's through them. Along with this the floor plans were also missing the room fill that was already there and walls were showing as just a pair of lines which isn't how I have it setup visually. I chose to save both the plan and layout files I was working in and fully close out chief which went smoothly and exactly the same as every other time I have closed the program. I went to open the layout file and plan files after a few minutes and got the pictured warning. I basically lost most of my days work as my archive at that time was set to do it daily and not hourly. Not sure if there is a way to correct the missing header information that is mentioned in the warning but that would be great so I can at least recover the work that I lost yesterday. Any help is appreciated. Nathan
  3. When sending a camera view, the image is always too large and I have to manually resize every image. Wondering if there is an easier way? I am wondering if there is a way to change the default setting for sending a camera view to layout space so that the image of the camera view is always the same size (ex. 4x7 instead of 5x8)?
  4. Thanks for that tip - we were able to at least get it to export to a pdf in half the pages at a time. So an improvement for sure.
  5. Thanks Brian, we will try that and see if we can get that to work.
  6. Hi All, We are experience a fairly frustrating situation, and after exhausting the avenues I know of, I'm coming here for help. - We have a 34 page layout file, consisting of floor plans, elevations, 3D perspectives, and schedules. - All elevation and 3D cameras are set to update on demand - File has printed perfectly fine in the past, up until adding in the schedules. When we go to print, the print dialogue box opens. Upon trying to load all of the pages for preview, it gets to page 30 and crashes. We can't stop the "automatic preview" button because if we hit cancel, it also crashes. We can't choose any other printer option because again, it can't get past the loading of all of the pages. I've purged the files, did a windows update, and tried printing on the other computers in our office. We're running robust new systems with 3090 cards, drivers up to date. Any insights here that could be helpful? We have a looming deadline and I'd really like to be able to get this thing off the printer! It won't let me attach the layout file here, says the size is too large. Also, we are running x13 Thanks in advance.
  7. I am having issues with the finish schedule when there are multiple finishes in a room. I was wondering if there is a way to create a table and fill in the information manually? I'd love to break out the locations of the different materials and their information.
  8. Thanks. This is what I've noticed that the file sizes have jumped significantly, and the hangups when trying to create the PDF file.
  9. Thanks, all. We will try adjusting the DPI when creating the sets. Our pdf file sizes jumped from 4MB to well over 20MB and the only thing that changed was printing it out of x12 to x13.
  10. We have installed x13 from x12 on all of our systems.....slowest card we are running is a 1080, and we have two 3090s in the other systems -- so was running x12 just fine, our drawing sets are large and there was no issues. After upgrading everyone, making no changes to the existing files - when we got to print (either to the print or to a .pdf), the program completely freezes trying to load all of the views. Is there a setting we need to change up? Take 15+ minutes to print a .pdf really cuts into efficiency. Thanks!
  11. Might just be missing something here, but I can't figure this out. I have a powder room that the base / casing is all painted the same as the door slab. In the hallway outside of this room, the base and casing is white. Is there a way to have two different door casing colours? Recognizing the jamb likely won't split in half and I'll have to have it one of the two colours.
  12. Thanks, MarkMc. That must be what I'm missing. I'll try that.
  13. Thank you. In another file that was slow, I went in and changed all of the Update on Demand to plot lines. The only thing I found with that - when we printed, it wasn't as crisp looking from an elevation standpoint, it was almost blurry or fuzzy -- do you find that also, or is that a setting I need to adjust?
  14. We have 5 systems in our office and one of our staff is working on a brand new system with the Nvidia 3070 video card: Device name DESKTOP-PAYTONO5SETKG Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz 3.79 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Running X12 The rendering and raytracing is lighting fast, no issues there. However, the layout files for this system are painfully slow. Barely move an elevation box over slow. I've exhausted too many hours trying to figure out what is up. The file size isn't huge (we have many more that are larger that this isn't an issue with on the other, older systems). I will attach both the plan and layout file here. When she created this file, she was careful to use basic materials and 3D objects, nothing custom as a bit of an expirement to see if that changed anything, but no luck there either. It just seems to be really slow on this new system. Viewports are set to Update on demand. It's not letting me upload the files here, saying they are too large. The Plan file is 21,647 KB and the Layout File is 18,240 KB. Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions on what we seem to be missing here.
  15. ahhh thank you - knew it had to be something simple!