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  1. Preliminary Hampton... (Modeled in X7 and rendered in Lumion 5.7)
  2. Preliminary Prairie Inspired. (Modeled in X7 and rendered in Lumion 5.7)
  3. This is my first shot at the, The potential in this is very promising. Created in chief x7 and imported to chief 5.7 pro Rendering time : 12min
  4. I like the direction you are going (love the island) what software did you render the video on?
  5. Thank you, I'm about to finish the next project and will be expanding a little more time on the presentation... Hopefully it will flow better and please a wider audience
  6. It did, but would be even better if Lumion had multiple GPU support
  7. Good Morning Dennis, what I mean by executed and modeled in chief is that: I have created the construction sets on chief and all the details (except for the plants) on Chief as well (lots of polyline solids, lol). I have used the free version as well and was mesmerized by the quality and simplicity of Lumion, the 5.3 Pro is amazing IMHO. Jintu, it took 7.5 hours @ 1080 5 stars. And Jon I will get the book and would really appreciate your input if possible. IE (too long, boring angles???)
  8. Modeled and executed in Chief X7 and Rendered In Lumion 5.3 Pro
  9. Modeled and executed in Chief X7 and Rendered In Lumion 5 and 5.3 Pro
  10. I normally do my frieze boards manually, floor plan view for the strait ones and elevation for the angled ones.
  11. To justify smoke coming off the chimney,
  12. A preliminary project, modeled and executed in Chief Architect x7 and rendered in Lumion
  13. inArtifex


    Some Walkthroughs modeled in chief architect and rendered in Lumion
  14. Hello All, I have noticed that X7 have addressed the texturing issue for Collada files, it works perfectly now, thank you...