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  1. Well, I got it to work. I'll need to do some tweaks and figure out how to record "game play" so I can post a video. The Unity piece was much easier that I expected.
  2. The Samsung Gear VR might be a good option for initially testing without committing to a Vive or Oculus. I also signed up for their software but am on the wait list.
  3. Here is a nice package I have not tested called middleVR. Both MiddleVR and Unity have free versions for personal use. middleVR has a 30-day fully functional trial. I'll look into this.
  4. The Vive is amazing. If you have not experienced one, find the nearest location to try one out for yourself. It is something you cannot explain in words. Some GameStops and Microsoft stores have demo's where you can test it in store. The Vive is room-scale and comes with two controllers. Other solutions do not have these options currently, they are seated experiences only and you use a controller to move. Room-scale adds another level of immersion that is magical. As for VR integration in Chief, that would be killer, however from a development standpoint they would have to sink some serious $$ into R&D. This is one area where an API would be beneficial, someone else could do the development and sell it as an addon. Or Chief themselves for that matter but it does not look like they use that type of model. I imagine the export option is the best we will get. Maybe they could tweak it to less steps, Export VR to Zip and include all the files and textures you will need.
  5. Ok, I got it working. Actually I use Home Designer Architectural so I cannot export 3D stuff but I know someone who can. In Chief create a "Perspective Full Overview." 3D->Create Perspective View->Perspective Full Overview Then Export to dae format (3D Collada). File->Export->Export 3D COLLADA Model (DAE) Now backup the entire plan to a zip file. File->Backup Entire Plan->Backup Plan Files and all Referenced Files. Also Check "Send Backup Files to Zip Archive" Extract the zip files to a folder, copy in the dae file you exported. Open Unity. Go to Assets, Materials, and copy all your files from the Backup Plan archive here, except the .plan and .dae file. Copy the dae file to the Assets directory. Finally click the dae file in Unity and under Materials, ensure Import Materials is checked and these to options are selected: Material Naming: By Base Texture Name; Material Search: Recursive-Lookup. Now you should be able to copy your dae file to the Unity Scene window and see your plan including textures.
  6. I found this tool which is currently a prototype. IrisVR - Virtual Reality for Architecture, Engineering, Design Also awesome video on Sketchup to Unity to Oculus Rift
  7. Has anyone tried viewing their plans in VR? The headset I am using is an HTC Vive and as best I can guess so far is that I would export a plan in 3DS format from Chief to something like Unity. Before I start working on this process I want to make sure I'm not re-inventing the wheel here.