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  1. there should be a sticky on that - i believe if you open the X6 folder in documents - find the toolbar folder and rename it old - close out of the folder reboot the computer the program automatically inserts a new toolbar folder and they reaper ... * till someone else comes along with a better plan.
  2. with only 8 posts ??? I do not see where Reputation points for posters is located, why would this Adminstration include a negative choice ? - however I do see "0 Warning Points" beneth my avitar that no other poster has that I have noticed ... what's up with that ?
  3. my problems with there PDF went away when I created a new templet using the X6 file new plan .... was your plan brought up from X5 ?
  4. makes one wonder why they did not include a space joist in the above list (Idaho ?) - finding the space joist to draw can be a trick - i believe it is with roof trusses - I keep mine as a tool bar item rather than have to look for it - no problem drawing them in - actually is usually quicker than editing what CA does automatically.
  5. there is plenty to worry about downloading a free PDF - such as will the computer ever run again ... I went to office dept and bought PDF Create Nuance $45.00 - just to avoid downloading (most) anything from the internet.
  6. that would have been my sugestion, it solved my problems prininting the layout. seems like X6 has a mind of its own depending on which sysem it is running on ... and what day of the week it decides to take a holiday.
  7. no lockups but today the "diplay option" dialogue kept reapearing for no reason and would not close when Xd out ... real stange ? - have the new upgrade also having toolbar problems never experienced in X5, moving from one session to another with new columns appearing ... edit: - also when measuring to roof plane the measurment used markers rather than snap to the plane and could not be used to adjust roof overhang. - also the poly solid in floor plan was a different length when viewed with orthgraphic overview - rather than headering the porch in plan view they either were not conected or extended beyond the porch .... ? glad this day is about over ....
  8. I'm with you on the child tools and would still prefer them - the menue bar is ugly where ever you put it than where it was always stationed for all versions going back to V4 where I started - now it can not be placed there, why not - it is wider than the others and messes with everything around it - have gone to drop down which I did not like and still do not - the menue bar is removed if you chose drop down. I never had problems with tool bars by selecting "all views" when placing them - that option was also removed and now the toolbars are unstable and moving from one session to another ... rather than improve toolbar stability they have made it worse particularly by deciding the child menue bar should not remain where it was, affecting alll bars aroud it, or the option even to place as origonally out of the way and easily identifiable. * spelllll check for some reason does not work in this forum ... firefox.
  9. no slowdon noticed from X5 to X6 here - I have a kvm switch to have backup and a backup computer, the backup computer atelon X2 runs nearly as fast as the new i5 with X6 ... i am usually drawing not to complex residential though so that probably is the difference. having a backup computer makes buying a new one or having work done on the computer almost a blessing as oposed to being shutdown waiting for parts etc and sying yes sir to the repair guy..
  10. Thanks, I could not find how to set the Chief PDF to Greyscale - did not think of prefences - Bump for other less informed as myself.
  11. did you create a new layout page from the X6 file ? when I brought up the layout from X5 the computer crashed whenever I tried printing - created a new layout from X6 file and now have no problems printing etc.
  12. also an option for crosshairs at 45* angles - this can sometimes find centers easily for light fixtures and other uses, etc - often wish the option was available.
  13. somewhere earlier someone asked about speelcheck for Firefox .... stillll not working.
  14. Well, I used the new proceedure for the templet plan, setting each toolbar for the separate views then saved templet - hopefully this will lock in the choices per view for all plans ... my point was previously we could choose "all views" that enabled for a single setting and all toolbars would be set in the same location, all set at one time and simply greyed out if not pertinate. * for those who may be as slow to learn as I am, the initial toolbar locks itself to the top of any column it is set in and can not be lowered - by placing an "empty space" at the top of the column alows all other toolbars to slide to desired location and remain there when released.
  15. i do not see any colors (yet) Green for Good guy's - Red for the others .... shouldn't the early posters recieve their past post count from the other forum ?
  16. not "all tools" the previous (removed) option was "all views" - this allowed for setting (locking) personalized toolbars in one location for all views rather than having to look for their location in different views - even greyed out they would always be in the same position ... presently - the same toolbar moves in location from one view to the next without an option to lock it in the same position "all views" making it difficult to locate. in time remembering their locations in different views will work but that processs is a step backwards from "all views - the same location".
  17. just cheeeecked, no problem on the other forum (it was your idea to go back, never more) - this forum just seems not to be enabled, your end or Firefox .... no response here to - cheeeecked
  18. is there spell check available ??? Firefox
  19. ??? ..... there is no way to lock "in the same place" toolbars for "all views" IN the same place. Dan ... that is a step backwards from (previous) "all views" locked in same place - rather than have them all locked in one place all views now they move or relocate with each view - and if there is not an empty space on top space the first toolbar locks to the top and can not be lowered irregardless. I gues the question is ... why was "all views" removed, it would be so much simpler. ???? *seioslly, is ther no spell check ?
  20. why is there not an "all plans" option for toolbar locations ??? - as in all previous versions ??? I for one did not have problems with toolbars in past versions primarily because I set all toolbars at the same location using the all plans option in the past. now even though I place the toolbars where I want them for "all" views, without the option for all plans the toolbars migrate to different locations for each view .... am I missing something, why do they not set where placed for the various views when initially set in plan view - why have to reset in every view and still they seem to migrate ? is spell check working ? - i must have put that soewhere i can't find now