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  1. X 14 - please ... and soon.
  2. . . yes thanks - your line weights between 0-20 is what I am thinking - i'm more for all line weights the same - 10 and fine tune if something needs it especially cross sections and view to cad .... i like view to cad elevations all one weight.
  3. in display sttings . thanks - in display settings you can select all line weights to a single value - i'm thinking 10 or 12 - cross sections I believe would be more uniform - also use view to cad for my elevations multiselect and use lineweight 12 for everything and am thinking that comes out too dark and have started using 10 ... not sure what a 35 or 75 would look like i know those would not work in cross sections ...
  4. was wondering what is the general line weight that is used and if it is not the same for everything - am thinking of making everything a line weight of 10 or 12 ...
  5. screen capture is easier to work with - can zoom in and out without lagtime and does not bog down computer when reviewing pages and prints faster - PDF is a better view - screen capture blurs when zooming in. I sometimes replace the sc with the PDF on the final version.
  6. all good advice - funny the It guy keeps talking me out of upgrading desktop, he builds the computer and very dependable so I do what he tells me to do - I will upgrade, been a good year. screen capture is more efficient than pdf - not jurkey - when zooming in and out and for overlays - PDF are more refined.
  7. I have an I-7 core desktop as the business computer and maybe is aging more than I would like to think - a kvm switch that gives me two desktops for security, the old business computer I use for the internet - the only problem I encounter is I import surveys and include them with the drawn site pln in the layout - the imported PDF bogs down the computer - is that the video card if so I will buy a new one in a heartbeat - work has been steady and still new work even with the C-19 ...
  8. which is the quietest - 1080 or 2080 - i guess mine is a little outdated .... works fine for CD - they should drop in price when the 3000 comes out.
  9. thanks everyone - I have GeForce GT 620 - I'm not having issues just that it may need replacing being fairly old - and yes some cards do not make much of a difference. The monitor died and had to replace it so thinking buy the card and have it ready whether I install it or not - bought a high end monitor that is working well so far - after having to buy / return the available midrange monitor that was awful - made my eyes watery not clear at all - - did not buy the samsung I always liked because they are curved and wasn't sure that might not distort the floor pln. - everyone working at home so there has been a run on monitors - just my luck and had to order one ...
  10. time to upgrade video card - which nvidia geforce card is being recommended or just best card - tried search and nothing really came up about cards - just videos ... thanks. core-i7 version 12.
  11. thanks everyone - there was a bottleneck of work - it was just that one for elevations that was the problem and appreciate that you were able to clear it up is reassuring though the same spinning wheel has occurred on other plns less dramatically - the turn off auto build I hope is the ticket - I hand draw all the roofs so that is not a problem - this never occurred in any preceding versions and without task manager the computer is frozen ...
  12. . I was notified by support they had the same issue and they would try with an update to fix it ... I have GTX 1050 ti, the driver was updated and KarenC described the same symptom I experienced. I am a little baffled that support did not have some sort of remedy, hardware solution if not everyone is experiencing the problem ... I do strictly construction documents - that is a simple pln for elevations to cad view - siding works fine for that application. * I learned (without knowing what I am describing) Apple no longer supports the GL something chief uses as a platform and it may be a $$$ issue to remedy. its not camera views, its manipulating the roof planes - it would very for different changes but in the kitchen area the addition was an extension to outside corner, the roof plane hand drawn would not go over the exterior wall for the 16" overhang without crashing - I used a polysolid for the overhang to finish the pln.
  13. . good luck, I sent this to support and they had similar issues so * it is a bug - too bad not everyone has encountered "it" - its an addition elevation pln w/ not much detail - without task manager not sure what would ever end it - I would be lost without CA but I pay SSA and now have to start plns in ver 10 till an elevation pln can be drawn before opening in 11 - you can have both ver 10 and 11 plns in the same folder - did not know that before this issue. I have the driver updated for the NVIDIA crd ... 3-31_AD_AFTER_ELEVATION.plan
  14. one pln when drawing roof kept crashing computer - made pln almost unusable - x11, too bad I'm not seeing other people with same problem.
  15. I multi select the entire view and put everything on a single line weight ...
  16. the readout minimizes the fraction which I sometime overlook when measuring out a house and lose some accuracy - in most cases the pln still suffices for renovations. looking for one where the fraction is the same size.
  17. I print all the ways above ... even to print a fl pln for a quick 8x11 there is a 20-30 second delay, just getting to the dialogue - I'm afraid it is on my end which really sucks.
  18. trying to print (any view) in V9 is a real problem, very slow response before and after - nearly a minute of waiting each way with computer revving up - is anyone else having this problem .... I-7 computer G 1015 it - video card.
  19. Thanks, I new that - just did not put it together ... works fine and in 3D camera.
  20. I am adding a room to a dome - I somehow used the polyshpere and was able to remove the bottom half which works fine to represent the dome in elevations with the addition - I can not reproduce how I cut the sphere in half - is there a simple way - can not find the handles I believe I used before ....
  21. 10/4 when I measure out a house I first draw the perimiter - measurments obtained from county internet display, usually includ perimiter measurments - then use poly with 12" cross hatch for the inside perimiter to graf to - blocking squares it up. - perimiters are usually to the foot is why the blocking works.
  22. blocking the pattern will eliminate the 0.0 offset. - blocking can change the pattern orientation, the difference in size of pattern and overall dimension is reordered when blocked. just multi-coppy lines in both directions would be the best solution.
  23. quick way to learn, just open a new plan and draw the pillars / headers and deck to a square box, add the roof and see if that works - then in some cases just copy to origional plan ....
  24. nothing like that ever ???? - unless it is a flaw in the driver download, the card is what most are using or close.
  25. Changing layout borders - wouldn't copying the new design and pasting it on page 0 of the old layouts work ???? - * of course delete old border first ...