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  1. I am using an SSD drive, Plan seems to suddenly be working almost at normal speeds. I don't know if, or why it would have anything to do with the slow down, but he place that I am temporarily staying has a very sporadic internet service. If I do a clean install of anything I'd likely go back to Windows 7, but I guess I should see if I get used to 10
  2. I'll check the bloat ware. This is the first desktop computer I've ever bought. With my circumstance I thought it would be quicker to get back up and running. I am now regretting my decision and should have just built one and installed windows 7...........
  3. Checked that............disabled the Intel Graphics 630 in device manager also to be sure. This is really bothering.........just going up and selecting the drop down list for the section view and I get the little blue circle for a couple seconds
  4. Fellow Chief users. I'm attaching a rough plan that I salvaged from a backup I found. (I posted about my house burning down, losing everything and my dislike for Window 10 on my new system a couple weeks ago) Anyway... I finally have this new system up and running and trying to get back to work. Please forgive the sloppiness of this very preliminary plan.... On my old system a back clipped cross section or a perspective overview were pretty much instantaneous. On the new system a section takes 4 seconds and a perspective overview takes 3+ seconds. Can some of you you provide me with your render settings from preferences, or maybe specific NVIDIA 3d settings that you may have set to improve performance. Thanks10-23-17.plan Slow Plan.plan
  5. Think I will go ahead and install all programs to the SSD which in this case is C: Music, pictures , old plan file etc. to the HDD which is D:\ I dislike that on manufactured systems (I think it is true in general) is, that they add so much stuff. The SSD drive on this system has 7 partitions on it. Recovery, support, operating, image and more. When I build i would have one, maybe 2 partitions only. Maybe this also has something to do with Windows 10, I don't know. Anyway........Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Hello all. Due to a fire that destroyed my house and ALL possessions, I am forced to a new computer system. I have always built my own systems in the past. This time for what I thought would get me back up and running the fastest I ordered one instead. So, again for the sake of time, and also because I guess it's the thing do, to I now have a Windows 10 system. I was still using Win 7 I will learn it eventually I think. For now my question is on installation location of CA. New system has a SSD drive as well as a HDD drive. I am confused as to just install CA using default location which would be the SSD, or, try to keep the plan files, or at least maybe the older plan files on the HDD. Any file / folder structure/ location suggestions appreciated. Have not had time to update signature, and may be able to eventually figure some of this out, but loosing 40+ years of stuff has my head spinning.. Unfortunately I've been collecting "stuff" since high school. In the past using Win 7 I always just installed CA into it's own folder on the C: drive with another folder called "A-Plans", very simple when using file explorer which I use a lot. Windows 10 with C:\OS, D:\ Data, This PC, and a bunch of other folders has me confused Anyway...... any help will help me. thanks
  7. Well, the error simply vanished. Kept popping up for about an hour at every undo, then stopped. And yes, I've only been using CA daily for 22 years. I'm sure it is "from poor end user habits based upon a perfunctory actual knowledge of Chief Architect software and its proper use" I did fail to add an X ..I am using version X8. (Been to busy to even install X9)
  8. Out of nowhere I'm getting "An ID conflict occurred during IO" when I use undo. ............using Version 8 Show Detail tab shows C:\p4sync\dev\Releases\18\chief\CACommon\IDManager\Manageable.cpp(113): Warning #272032333 "An ID conflict occurred during IO. This is potentially serious and could result in data loss." I've tried saving as a different file name, but don't know what else to try to get message to stop.
  9. "black screen appears and I get the display driver has failed and recovered message." I feel for you. I had this problem a couple years ago, with Chief, and another cadd program I use. As you likely see by doing a Google search, you are not alone with this problem. This all happened after moving from XP to Windows 7. I had installed a new video card so I returned and new one did the dame thing. I then put in a GTX 760. I'm still using version 331.82 drivers as I'm so paranoid of it reappearing if I change. All I can add is, check your clocking on the video card, maybe try different drivers and while it doesn't seem like it would matter, run a memory test on your ram. Also....I did have to make some adjustments in the Nvidia "Program Settings", specifically for Chief. Good luck, this can be a nightmare. When it's all said and done and you cant resolve, get a newer video card.
  10. I guess I too am out of SSA is good till Feb 1.
  11. Call your jurisdiction and ask them to send you their "plan check list". I've seen them 5 pages and I've seen them 50 pages. No need to supply more than they want, and at the same time you don't want a correction list that takes as long to do as the original plan set.
  12. OK......part of surface tab. Why is it not listed under materials within the Roof Plan Specifications?
  13. I'm confused. Just now switching over to X8 as I was afraid there would be differences from X7, or at least perceived differences which would cause me trouble. Here is one. In X7 Roof Plane Specifications / Options / Roof Layers / sheathing is listed. If I click on a roof plane and choose materials, sheathing is listed. In X8 it appears Roof Layers has moved from Options to Structure, but where is sheathing, and why isn't it listed in Roof Plan Specifications / materials?
  14. So, I'm the only one having this problem? It's driving me crazy as I pan a lot while in camera view. Worst part is, it seems to be intermittent, so unlikely a setting I'm missing?.................maybe?