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  1. I am trying to add a Foam band for stucco ext. to a 2 story. I have the windows and door trim complete, but a band would break up the tall walls.
  2. Can anyone direct me in adding or amending the general notes in the Library. In Project Statistics, i would like to add the job specifics. It's a basic questions, but I am just starting out.
  3. Dino459


    Would anyone out there like to share their General Notes with me. I promise to change them so I am not pledgerise anyone's exact verbiage.
  4. Dino459


    This is what I am attempting to capture. I am in CA. so any assistance would be much appreciated/
  5. Dino459


    Ok, I've been trying to make my life a bit easier by attempting to locate Pre drafted Notes for the Layout pages. I've done a lot of building as a GC and 50% of the Notes seem to be non applicable to the build. Is there a library of Notes in 11 or downloadable that are already done so I can choose which one's I would like to attach and then change them if needed?
  6. Sketch is just a term used in Xactimate estimating software. It is an estimating software with the same basic premise as CA, but now where near the elaboration and tools. It contains all the dimensions, openings and layout.
  7. Is it possible to import a DXF file and then use that as the basis for my plan view set? I have imported the sketch with all dimensions, I am curious if I can now expand it to anything useful, or I am just using that as a reference. thank you in advance