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  1. Hi Wendy I looked at your plan file and made some adjustments. First, check all of your eave heights and overhangs - they all seem to be different. Second, are you sure of your roof pitches - one is 8 in 12, one is 9 in 12 ,etc. Then I broke your two crossing roofs using the "3" (break key) at the center. Then use the "2" (manual join roof planes) key to join the roofs. This should eliminate the roofs intruding into the house. Then raise the shed roof plane to 9' at eave and use the "2" key to join the shed with main roof. Hope this helps LenhartPlan2022-withShedRoof-Connected REVISED.plan
  2. Salahuddin, Use two 6" thick walls with a room divider between. Then place a door in each wall, opening the way you want. Might be easiest to make one wall; add a room divider about two inches away; then add the second wall an inch away and then slide them together. Worked for me
  3. Hi Rachel, Search for "rope light" - there are several topics on file in the forum Doug
  4. This is an old one I did for house in Pennsylvania long time ago. Hope it helps. Section on Superior Foundation.pdf
  5. Yes, I see this too exactly as Graham indicates. Has this been reported to CA???? Really is a problem.
  6. Hi CA Try opening the fixture, materials (globe), properties and adjust "translucency" setting. Can not find the "Ulna" fixture however, so didn't try that particular one. If that doesn't work, try changing material of globe to "glass white" which can be adjusted.
  7. I suspect you do NOT have a roof on the building. That is usually the cause of what you are seeing. Add a roof and it should go away.
  8. Hi Bob, Not sure if I can be of any help but have done a number of home mods to aid accessibility. My wife is a paraplegic (has been for 42 years - darn horses) and we have adapted three personal residences. We (my wife and I) both understand what the problems are for a para but not sure the extent of your disability. Currently designing a new retirement home for us. In addition, I have done several commercial buildings which met ADA standards. My knowledge of SIPs is limited having done only two churches that used them on the roof and that was under the direction of a very knowledgeable Amish craftsman. But, as Eric said, SIPs are merely a type of wall. Unfortunately, my software is Chief Architect X11 and I see you are using HomeDesigner Pro 2020 which is not totally compatible with Chief Architect X11. I can read your plans and can send back a revision in Chief but you will not have all tools needed to modify it fully. You CAN DO some editing but not all. I can look over what you have done so far which will perhaps point us in the right direction for continuing. At the moment, I am not clear what you need. Let me know if I can help. Doug
  9. RE: Twinmotion. Be aware that the file is 8.8 gb BIG. Using rural internet (10mbs) took 3.5 hours to download. And half way through, I lost internet and had to start over!
  10. Jar, Go to windows-settings-devices-mouse-additional mouse settings-pointers-schemes. Then select the one that works best for you.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Select the chair or chairs you want to see, go to edit bar and "view draw order tool" and move them up in order. See help for more info. By the way, helpful if you add your signature to postings. See mine below. Go to your name in upper right corner of this page, select "account settings" then "signature" to add info. Good luck. Doug
  12. Teapot, Good idea to add your signature to you settings - see mine below. Go to upper right, tap on your name, go to settings, then account settings, then signature and add your info. Helpful in the future so folks know what you are using. Good luck and welcome.
  13. Make a spline in the plan view representing approximately the coverage of your hedge. Then convert it to a "polyline distribution path" (look in help) then add whatever foliage you want.using the dialogs under that command. Doug