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  1. I appreciate you’re input.. I’ve read about this issue.. I’m running a MacBook Pro with dual 4K monitors. The issue extends past the MacBook itself.. if I resize the crop area of the pdf I am able to get the full image.. and it will stay like that. Issue is just during the import phase
  2. Hey, I’m still having issues whether it’s a single page as shown in example or multiple pages.
  3. I am using a Mac with CA x10 and having an issue with importing PDF into a layout. For whatever reason no matter what PDF file i import, it shows in the preview as a partial view.. and when I import it shows up as a partial view.. I have to expand the view every time and it is becoming a bit frustrating.. especially when importing some green notes and title 24 calcs with 10 sheets into a page.. It will import all 10 pages no problem, but then i have to move and readjust each page to show the full image. There has to be a correct way to do this.. I have uploaded a sample with a calendar just for reference so you can see what I am experiencing.