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  1. Hello - I am in the design stage of a remodel of my home in Phoenix, AZ, and I'm seeking a 3D design of my plans that have been developed by an architect. My architect does not have the skillset of developing 3D computer animated designs. All measurements and CAD plans are complete. My house is a 2850 sq cape cod style home. I will share photos soon. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Brad
  2. Hello, I am new to Chief Architect and have been developing drawings/layout/blueprints for my current home using Home Designer Pro. I feel like I'm going to be incapable of getting the detail needed due to the custom nature of my home and the ultimate goal which is to be able to submit plans to the city for a home renovation. My home is a 2 story farmhouse with timber framing. It has a gable roof with two doghouse dormers on the west slope that I want to connect with a shed dormer enabling the creation of two rooms on the 2nd floor. First however I need to draw the plans to my home in its current state since plans apparently do not exist. I will also need structural calculations at some point during the renovation planning and city submittal. Thank you and I look forward rot hearing from you. Brad 319-929-1646