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  1. You have them applied to the window as curtains, apply them as blinds. The three windows I applied as blinds, the single you have as curtains.
  2. Check your ceiling structure and see if the finish is thick. I copied your condition by making the drywall 60" thick in the bathroom. 
  3. I did basically the same as Rene, except I deleted the slab and made the porch in two sections. I set the porch height 12" higher and auto built the roof, then edited the roof planes to clean it up. My wife is in bed with a stomach bug or the flu so me and the dog are bord, LOL. Happy Thanksgiving. 11-17.plan
  4. There aren't walls around the winders to close them off. Try drawing walls and adjusted the winders to match the stairs.
  5. Hi, this is Gary Bills and I'm interested in talking to you about your project. I sent a PM so give me a call. Thank you.
  6. For the front wall problem, Open second floor wall, structure, default wall top height
  7. Here is an edited copy of your plan, I reset the floor and ceilings to your defaults and rebuilt the roof, walls, floors and ceilings. Then I turned off auto rebuild roof and all the framing, lowered the floor for the upstairs then manually drew in the floor joist and rebuilt each wall framing to get the framing to look correct. I was bored so I cleaned up some of the roof that wasn't connecting properly. Someone may have an easier way of doing it but here is an option. Ivy Woods 80'-10 House 202309212043
  8. I made a copy of your plan but had to remove the electrical and furniture to get it below 14 MB. You can use it to see the settings I used on the roof and also the porch railing to define the patio area. I hope this gets you going and with some video watching and others helping out. I wasn't sure which version of Chief you're using so if you add a signature to you profile it will help. Williams_fp edit remove electrical and furniture.plan
  9. There are a lot of videos on Chiefs site that cover roofs and with some training you can get the results you want. This was all auto build roofs using the Dutch Gable and upper pitch tools.
  10. It was strange how it built the truss there!!!! I just stumbled into the little room, I was about to give up when I deleted the inside wall in the stairwell and the render changed to a rim joist instead of the floor truss.
  11. Try marking the little room that was formed between the two walls as unfinished instead of open below. Then rebuild the floor framing, it also draws in the rim joist that was missing.
  12. There may be a better way but here is what I came up with. Make a copy of the plan and delete everything on the first floor that is under the second floor. with the second floor open on the original plan set your reference display to the first floor of the copied plan.
  13. Like David said, set the Grade marker level in the Auto Story Pole default.
  14. I've had this before, if that area of the 2nd floor is open below the floor structure shows the osb in camera view on the roof but not inside. remove the osb from the open below floor structure and it goes away.
  15. Good morning, I sent you a PM. I’d like to talk about completing your floor plans.
  16. Hey Elliot, I just noticed your signature and it says your using a GeForce 1060 video Card. Could that be part of the problem? My old laptop has the same card, and it does weird things with X15. Just guessing.
  17. From looking at your plan, it looks like you just need to raise your carriers & post manually since it looks like you drew them manually. you defined the porch with invisible walls..
  18. Sorry, I thought they wanted a casement that looked like the picture they posted.
  19. I think this would be a custom Muntin. Search help for Muntin and it explains how to make them.
  20. The invisible walls around the Dining Room are causing the ceilings to drop when the Dining Room tray is built. I used a solid and a solid hole to make the tray in the Dining Room. I'm not sure if there is another or better way to do it .