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  1. WilliamSC

    seeking drafting services

    am seeking experienced x-10/11 residential drafting services immediate need, work includes interior remodel, whole renovations, add a level, additions and new construction.. attention to details and speed are essential. current back log is 10 projects going , as a sole practitioner, I can only address a single project at time, I please contact me ASAP William william.squarecenter@gmail.com
  2. are you still looking for help ??

    1. WilliamSC


       Yes  Need resume and experience level.

      thank you for your interest, I perform  fast track drafting services for Developer and investor (flipper as well) and now private clients

      i have more clients than I can handle to maintain a quality of the service and speed,  as remote part timer you be given a project to draft, on a as need basis,  the services includes bath and kitchen addition, first and second floor addition, entire send floor  addition and new construction  at this time preparing builder sets of documents 

      if interested contact me at william.squarecente@gmaill.com

  3. Expanding Architectural Design service, seeks part time assistants to help manage project backlogs. Entry level and Intermediate designers wanting to learn the architectural design profession, and takes pride in the product produced, you can work remotely from any location in the USA.
  4. WilliamSC

    Offering Drafting Services

    good morning I am seeking drafting services for X-10, to supplement my turn around time. I work with house flipper and speed is essential. I have several projects going on at one time, as a sole practitioner, I can only address one project at a time, sending too much valuable time, I have less then a year's experience with Chief Architect learning as I go. I please contact me ASAP William william.squarecenter@gmail.com