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  1. Make sure your logo jpeg is in the same folder as the layout.
  2. There's always polyline solids.
  3. Try losing the rail it provides and building a user defined rail. It is outlined here
  4. select all your walls. Open dialog box and change it to allow room definition.
  5. You may have to place the walls in a manner that notches in at those points. The floor will build to the outer most layer is sees. If you notch in at that point, you could create the look of the upper wall with a poly line solid.
  6. The first thing to do is go to defaults under the plan tab and check the box that says ignore casing for opening size. It will not let you place a window closer than the width of the adjoining wall type. In your case that would be 12". If the other wall type is 12" also you can place the window as close as the width of the trim. You can create equal wall thickness by giving your 4" wall type an additional layer of 8" of nothing. Just define the material type for the extra 8" as "opening no material".
  7. It was intended for the op, not david.
  8. You can also use the object painter tool to change the assigned layer by clicking on it.
  9. There must not be much of a screening process to getting on this forum.
  10. Your nested gabble looks right but the upper section just needs to close the gap. You can do that by clicking on a roof edge, punch the #2 key and then the edge of the other roof plane. They software will close the gap for you.
  11. Do yourself a favor. Hire someone that knows what they are doing. What you don't know CAN hurt you.
  12. I use text. Could be my imagination but, a plan that is all rich text is slower to view, edit, save, and may make a bigger file size when converted to pdf.
  13. Roof planes can generate from where the walls are located. You can also place one over an open area with no walls at all.
  14. You can select a roof plane and change its overhang to anything you want. A normal hip roof would have equal roof eaves all the way around.
  15. A tightly sealed modern house with a window in a shower area. This could cause some future repair of window and even the framing. On the other hand, people don't place future long term maintenance very high on their list of must haves. Therefore, on a spec house, I would put the window in as shown.
  16. I'm in north idaho. I can help you
  17. I would be more concerned about getting an engineer to look at your "altered trusses" than I would about getting some drawings done.
  18. I work in Coeur d'Alene. I have done projects in Spokane. Tom Pehlke Design Build Group 208 651-2520