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  1. I have a small interior design business which is having a very busy season. Wondering if there is anyone in either the NYC, or Hudson Valley area who can help me catch up with my drawing load? I am not very good at it, so would love if someone could either come to me or me to them for aid. I have about 6 projects that need to be worked on. Do not contact me if you are overseas. I want someone local.
  2. If I make a CAD box how can I get it to " snap" to the walls? I was able to figure out how to turn off the windows layer, create a window headers layer, but now the box won't snap to the walls. Once I get that - I've got it.
  3. Meaning that you do it in layer sets. Yes, that's working except for the window sills as mentioned above...
  4. How to do CAD box - draw it on which layer? As a CAD block? Save in Library? I understand what you mean but not sure how to execute it.
  5. thx. I was wondering what that was.
  6. What about headers for windows? My windows show with sills.
  7. Thanks Mark, I have figured that out, too. I think it's a way to get more users that are reluctant to foot the bill for the entire program. Unfortunately, I really don't need much more than what is offered, but the annosets, would be nice.
  8. One more thing, My walls show divided lines from one wall to another instead of the way it should look where the outside line is continuous and so is the inside line. It must be a setting, but I can't find it. Any suggestions?
  9. I don't see any user groups or input from Chief Architect users in the greater new york area or more specifically (for me) in the Mid Hudson Valley area. Any out there?
  10. The problem is that I am using the Interiors version of this program. It's dumbed down and doesn't have notes and legends - no wonder I am struggling. Grrrrr. Since when do interior designers not use notes and legends??????? Grrrrr.
  11. The problem is that I have the interiors version - no wonder I am struggling! I don't have those options in this version of Chief - Grrrrr.
  12. I am struggling with importing Kohler toilets from their website. I successfully imported a 2D file and even managed to get into my library. BUT, then I searched for the 3D symbol and rather than find it under 2D and 3D CAD files under their Pro pop-up window, I found the file on the spec sheet for the actual product. It comes as either a DXF or DWG file but doesn't tell me what is on the file - 2D and 3D or just 3D. Grrrrr. I just want to put a 2D symbol on my plan and not have to change it out later when I need a rendering or elevation. BTW, I just tried to attach the files to show all of you, but it won't allow me to upload the file. Grrr. again.
  13. I am creating my template for layout with a construction notes page. On this page I want to put General Symbols and Legend. When I go to my Library browser and find an electrical outlet for instance, it won't let me put it in with a CAD box or just on the page. What's up with that?
  14. Sometimes we need simple answers. I have read that some users use plan and turn on/off layers for the RCPs. But for instance, in RCP's usually doors are drafted as closed, and additional ceiling info is required like soffits, beams, lighting, electrical, etc. What about copying plan and pasting it right next to each other and for layout just selecting the plan that is now the RCP? I tried this method for creating a demo plan and it worked. Any comments?