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    3D View in Fullscreen

    Hello, would like to know if there's an option to set the 3D View (Camera View, Shift-J) to full screen, with no or minimal borders or toolbars, which would be nice to show the floorplan in maximized and fast way. I only achive to drag and drop the window outside chief architect but it only removes right toolbar. Thanks
  2. smashwings

    Ray Trace settings Help X6

    Sun to zero solved the light bleed, so is a solution in interiors with no sun light. So the light bleed is produced by sun light only and it filters trough the ceilings and corners maybe? the strange shadow in walls was solved erasing and placing again the the lights, it seems that there was a problem with them.
  3. smashwings

    Ray Trace settings Help X6

    I'm having problems in interiors with no sun also, this bath with no windows, only two 100w spot lights, I'm having a shadow in the top part of the walls that dont' know what produces it, also the light bleed in corners. Don't know what to fix.
  4. smashwings

    Ray Trace settings Help X6

    A roof seems not to solve it because it also happens on many corners, as doors or cabinets, it's very strange
  5. Thanks, that solved the problem , couldn't find it before
  6. smashwings

    Ray Trace settings Help X6

    Hello, in interiors I don't know why it seems that light is coming out from corners of the walls, cannot avoid it
  7. Hello, whenever I set a camera to view in 3D the height of the vision is 600mm, in the "edit active camera" the default is always 600mm, have to change it manualy but resets if I open a new camera. It's annoying and don't know where to change the default height to be set for all cameras. Thanks
  8. smashwings

    How To Set The Orientation Of The House

    Thanks, I placed a pointer before but thought it was only a "cosmetic" arrow for printing or something, didn't notice it changed the orientation, because I was triying to find a comand or key to set the degrees exactly, but this works
  9. Hello, I don't find the way to set the orientation of the house (south-east in my case, of the front of the apartment or house). Have set the sun (time and day), and situation (coordinates) of the house, but not the orientation, to have the real sun light entering the diferent windows. Thanks