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  1. Thanks Glenn, Good tip. Although I wasn't monitoring the the change floor tool, I know that I didn't intentionally change it. Maybe I accidentally hit "Shift-N"...
  2. I started over and got it to work. I cannot explain how I originally put the two solids on different levels from the elevation view, but when I did it again, they both ended up on the first floor. I'm pretty sure that what caused the "make hole" box to be disabled is that the inner solid was slightly overlapping the edge of the surrounding solid. When I re-positioned the inner solid entirely within, the checkbox became enabled.
  3. Hi Michael, it wasn't me doing the downvote. I appreciate all the help.
  4. I cannot see either object in my plan view. CAD, Default is set to display in my working layer set. Is there another layer I need to turn on to see them?
  5. Thanks Eric. I've moved both solids entirely away from the structure. Even though overlapped, the "Hole in Polyline Solid" checkbox for the small triangle is disabled. What should I be looking for to determine the levels or surface/depth of the two solids? Can this be done from within the elevation view?
  6. I'm trying to make a hole in the larger with the smaller Eric.
  7. I tried that via the "next" icon, but neither approach works in this case. I've been able to do it in other plans however.
  8. I have two overlapped polyline solids in a cross-section elevation, and I can't seem to click-select the small triangle-shaped polyline behind the large one. (Although l can see it). Can anyone tell me the mouse clicks to do that? cross_section.plan
  9. Thanks Eric - I'll experiment with CAD Detail from view.
  10. Thanks Eric, Would you use that "trace" technique for something irregularly shaped? What tool would you use for the complex tracing?
  11. Thanks Joe and Eric, Creating the molding polyline in elevation view worked great. Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to rotate a polyline molding vertically. The molding is laying flat and I want to stand it up on edge against a wall to make a frame. I can only get the rotate/transform tool to rotate it horizontally.