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  1. DavidJames's post in Can't generate stairwell was marked as the answer   
    I'm not sure if this is what you're trying to achieve, but take a look at the attachment (I've also made some adjustments for clarity)

    Also, it seems the reason you're stairwell wasn't generating was because you had an invisible wall near the top of the stairs for some reason(?). Delete that and the railings and try rebuilding. 

    Barn Copy - R1.plan
  2. DavidJames's post in help to lower first floor, plan attached was marked as the answer   
    The "Match Properties Command" is your friend
    1670 15TH ST ADDITION CURRENT 2 20.1 rev2.plan
  3. DavidJames's post in Ceiling and Wall Question was marked as the answer   
    Outline the walls above with invisible walls. This will create a room within the kitchen. Open up the room spec dbx for that newly created room and then drop down the ceiling height. Once the ceiling height is corrected, you can delete those invisible walls. See below:

  4. DavidJames's post in Need Help With Simple Floor Heights - Again.... was marked as the answer   
    Floor heights have always been a headache for me. 

    However, I think in your case, the solution is simple. If you go down to your foundation level, you'll notice that your foundation is just one big room. So when you adjust the floor heights, it's adjusting everything. 

    If you outline the garage walls with the foundation below, this should solve your problem. Going forward, I think if you assign the room definition before you build your foundation, or have autobuild on, it'll automatically add those walls for you.

  5. DavidJames's post in Basement Stairwell was marked as the answer   
    Go to your foundation level, and open up your room specification dialogue box for the stairwell.

    Once there, select structure and then change your ceiling height to "-4". I'm suspecting yours is probably "4".