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  1. Oh Wow! I think that worked. I first tried changing using the duplicated wall type on all three porch walls, but that didn't work. However, just using the new wall type on the inner walls did the trick! Interesting. Thanks so much!
  2. It takes a particular sequence in the wall editor to get it to line up. Once it's correct, it's fine until I make a change to the walls, or save and close. When I open it again, it reverts back to being broken. Did you close it and open it again? I'll see what changing duplicating the wall type does.
  3. Let me try again. Sorry. New to posting here. Hopefully this helps. Existing deck 2.plan
  4. Sorry if I didn't upload this file correctly. It's a simple plan illustrating what I'm trying to do. Existing deck 2.plan
  5. Wasn't sure how to title my topic. So hopefully I can explain. I design a lot of screened porches and I typically use "post to beam" railings then add a roof. Occasionally, I need to add a regular deck beyond the screened porch area. I do this by just adding standard deck rails. It all starts out just fine, but then without warning and for no apparent reason, the post(s) and rails that should be connected are now separated. Meaning, the screened porch post that extends to a beam above should have the normal deck railing attached to it on the outside of the post. So 36" tall deck rail attached to 96" all post and beam. Just like you would build it. But for some reason, they get disconnected and usually the tall post gets moved a few inches in. I turned off the post on the deck rail at that location and when they separate, I have to use the wall intersection editor. This lasts a while, but I find that when I close the file and open it again, they separate. I've tried locking the wall layers, but that doesn't solve the problem. A little background. I have been working with Acad Lt 2D for years and dabbled with Chief for some time, but have been doing a lot more these days since clients really like to see 3D models. No formal training in Chief, just find answers here when I can't figure something out. Hopefully the files illustrate what I'm talking about better than I am. Deck corner.pdf Deck corner broken plan.pdf Deck corner broken.pdf