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  1. Does the "Connect electrical" just not work on rope lights? I'm always having to find a work around to show connecting lines to my under cabinet lines and where they're switched.
  2. I'm working on recreating an existing window in my client's home, it's a small bay window that is set in the thickness of the wall. When I use the bay window tool, I'm only getting the window angle to start at the surface of the wall and not sure how to go about creating a 90 deg. sheetrock jamb, and then start the angle of the bay window. Any suggestions?
  3. Sorry for the delayed response - but thank you for taking the time to check over the plan! I do think there is something off with the template plan we had been using, and haven't been able to pinpoint it. I've since recreated a new template for us to use moving forward. I really appreciate all the feedback!
  4. Link to the plan files!AjNM9tsVwF2eqnOK1UNED4l0Tear
  5. Thanks for the feedback! This affect seems to happen no matter the backdrop, sunlight color, or intensity. Adding lights did helped some, but it's been a real trick to minimize the yellow.
  6. Just finished a plan and starting taking my PBR shots, I'm getting a strange washed-out reflection/highlight on one specific wall and two windows in my living room that are rendering out different than the rest of the room. Materials don't seem to be any different than the rest of the walls or room trims, and I've tried to delete the objects and redraw them getting the same results. Anyone come across something like this before? I attached the PBR views, the walls and windows in question look bright yellow. There is a standard view for comparison. Thanks
  7. We're trying to figure out how to change the angle of pendent lights on vaulted ceilings. When we create the ceiling angle, the lights follow and aren't angled properly. How do we change the lights so they go vertical rather than at a tilt?
  8. The end to end dimension worked - I knew it had to be a simple change! It was in plan view trying to dimension between a custom top and a non-custom top in version 12. Thanks for your help!
  9. I am trying to dimension countertop to countertop aisle space in my kitchen and bath plan view, we typically show these for client presentation. I can't get the point to point dimension tool to snap to the countertop edge, unless I converted it to a custom countertop. Is there a setting I'm missing? Thanks