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  1. Hello Scott, I did have lights on just inside the windows. Any other ideas. Thank you, Bob
  2. See the rendering below. When I Physically Base Render, you cannot see inside the house thru most of the windows. If there is light coming in the room from another window you can then see in that room. Other wise the glass on the windows just show a reflection. If I make a window a Pass-Thru with no glass you can see in the room in a Physically Base Render. What am I doing wrong? It must have something to do with the property of the glass. I checked the property and the glass is transparent. Bob
  3. I want to take my renderings to another level. What realistic rendering software would be a good extension for Chief Architect? I would like to export my Chief Drawings into that software and really tune them up to be photo realistic a step above what Chief can do. Thank you, Bob
  4. Where can I find hanging pots and pans symbols? There are many pots and pan symbols that you can set on the counter or the stove but I can not find individual pots and pans I can hang from a pot rack above an island. Thank you, Bob
  5. I could not find any documentation showing how to get automatic wall framing details and cut lists. If there is a way I also will be thrilled. I understand how you can do it manually but it would save a lot of time if it was automatic.
  6. Many years ago I used Solidbuilder Software. I was framing houses at that time and you could get some awesome Production Drawings and Cut Lists for walls. I would set up a shop and start framing the walls before the foundation was done. It worked out pretty well. I would help the Foundation Crews layout the foundations so we did not have any surprises. Can we get these same Production Drawings and Cut Lists from Chief Architect? Those drawings from Solidbuilder would be automatic.
  7. Thanks Mick, I will give all this a try. Bob
  8. Thank you for every ones input. I really do appreciate all the help I can get. I have 2 hard Drives. Each Drive is a MKNSSDRE1TB. I have the programs on one drive and all my documents and data on the other drive. I even brought this particular plan back to the same hard drive I have Chief Architect on thinking that might have been the problem. It did not help. I started a ticket with Chief Tech Support. I am working with Anne Smith. She said they are having some performance issues. Read the attachment. She removed (all ) of the material patterns and I did speed up some. But it still seems pretty slow. I do not know what I should expect for speed in my little test I performed. Maybe there is a limit. I figure between this forum and Tech Support maybe we can get to the bottom of this. Thanks Again, Bob
  9. I had a new computer built. The Computer Tech I used got on all the Forums and read as much as he could to figure out the best computer to build. He Built A Server Computer with 32 cores and a bunch of ram and a pretty good Video card. See the attachments for all the specs. Maybe the server computer was not the right direction to go. I also have this particular plan attached. When I go from plan view to Full Camera View in the Kitchen it takes 12.41 seconds. When I put on a new paint color on one wall it takes 25.32 seconds. I just clicked on the baseboard and got that color and painted it on that one wall. I then went into edit and hit undo to see how long it would take to get that wall back to it's original color. It took 32.65 seconds to get that wall back to it's original color. I then painted that same wall that same baseboard color. I then went back to plan view and hit undo and it took 4 seconds to undo. I then went back into Full camera view to see if the undo worked and it did and it only took 4 seconds. Chief's Tech Support told me to take all of the stone patterns off so in the Vector View you do not see all those individual stones. They said the the computer has to redraw all those patterns every time you do something in 3D. I tried that and it did not help any. I am stumped and my Computer Tech is stumped and I think Chief's Tech Support is also stumped. I am hoping it is something simple and I am just not seeing it. Maybe a bad symbol or something or a wrong setting somewhere. Thank you, Bob Backup
  10. I open up a plan in X6 and select a cabinet or wall or room or anything and it opens up in a second. Now I switch to Perspective Full Overview and select an object and it opens up in a second. Now I go back to plan view and click on a cabinet or a wall or other objects and it takes 4 to 5 seconds to open up. If I click on a room it opens up in a second but everything else 4 to 5 seconds.Now when I switch back to Perspective Full Overview and select objects they open up in a second. Then I go back to plan view again and it takes 4 to 5 seconds to open objects. I have tried different plans and tried different computers and the same thing happens. I have tried older plans I created in X5 and the same thing happens. Those older plans I created in X5 did not have those problems and now when I bring them into X6 they do have those problems. I have turned off the undo. I have read the other forums talking about slow lag times in Chief X6. I have tried all the suggestions other users have made and nothing changes, I have sent one of my plans to Alex in Tech Support hoping he can figure something out. It is hard to work on a plan when you have all these lag times. I just had a very expensive computer built for me and this is very frustrating. Does anyone else have any ideas? Thank you, Bob
  11. I transferred my Core Catalogs and my Bonus Libraries and my Manufacturer Catalogs to my mew computer. It seems everything migrated ok except anything to do with textures. The Library Tree has all the titles but when I click on for example Backdrops, Land and Sky and Water come up but when I click on Land and Sky and Water none of the pictures come up. Nothing comes up under Materials. All the names are in the Library Tree. The only texture that comes up in Siding is the Stucco Texture. It seems all the symbols came up after the transfer but not the textures. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I Design and Build very high end custom homes. I just bought a new Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. I want to set up a state of the art Mobile Office. I want to use this office for everyday work on the job site and also for demonstrations to get future clients. If I am Building a 3 or 4 million dollar house I can just pull on to the job site and stay there all day and have everything I need with me in this mobile van. I am going to install about a 55" monitor and maybe 2-- 27" monitors. I can use these for my everyday work and have the large monitor for demonstrations. Now here is where the question comes in. I want to have the ultimate lap top to hook up to these monitors. I want to have a lap top so I can also use it in my home office. I have been looking at M-Tech Computers. (See the attachment.) Is it really worth it to spend this kind of money? I want to be able to do very, very fast Ray Traces. Does anyone know anything about M-Tech Computers. I know how to design and build houses but when it comes to computers I am lost. I would really like some feedback from some of you Chief Users that are also computer gurus. If I am going to all of this expense to set up this mobile office I for sure want to make sure that I am not week in the most important part the computer. Thank you, Bob 5.The most powerful notebook computer made!.pdf
  13. How do I run #2-- 2 x 4 walls right next to each other with no drywall in between the 2 walls.
  14. When you are working on Cross Sections or Elevations how come the object snap does not work? Dimensions also will not attach to any lines in cross sections or elevations. Shouldn't you be able to attach to stuff in cross sections and elevations?