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  1. ChiefVeronique

    X12 Layer Sets

    I found it! Thank you!
  2. ChiefVeronique

    X12 Layer Sets

    Ok, I see that now, but I still don't know how to switch to a layer set that isn't part of the saved plan view control. Sorry.... May sound stupid but after 4 years of using ChiefArchitect this change get me totally confused.
  3. ChiefVeronique

    X12 Layer Sets

    Hi Everyone, I'm getting very frustrated with the layer sets. The dropdown menu shows only a few layer sets but none of the one I created or even the preset one like, All off, All on.... they are gone. I see them in the Layer Display Options, but not on the dropdown, so I can’t use them. Any idea? I’m on Mac Thank you, Veronique.
  4. ChiefVeronique

    2 instances of CA in Mac

    Yes for now it's the only solution I have. Thank you so much!
  5. ChiefVeronique

    2 instances of CA in Mac

    I did, but no success
  6. ChiefVeronique

    2 instances of CA in Mac

    Hi Everyone, I wasn’t able to find a way to open 2 instances of CA in Mac. I need it to copy content from 1 layout to an other. Thank you so much, Veronique.