Burned out my mouse...seriously...


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Ladies and Gent's


I have finally worn down my old mouse, looking to get a new one. Anyone have any luck with programmable, multi button mice. if so, I would love some recommendations. Would be nice to attach some hotkeys to it if its possible.

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I like to keep it simple, I use a Logitech four button, scroll wheel mouse, on my laptop I use a wireless version of the same mouse

I am looking at a few options, I had a 3 w/ the wheel, but i am a huge user of hotkeys and was looking at a few models meant for gaming that i could setup almost as a second keyboard on my right hand.

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I use a g600 and a g900 both Logitech.  Unlike David I don't like to keep it simple. 


I use both mice simultaneously and now have 8 modes with well over 100 buttons that can be mapped to hotkeys.  Takes a bit to get used to; once done - tools are right at your fingertips, cursor movements & the need to open Dbx's are reduced. 


The only caveat is to this equipment is it is a little pricey, but if your time counts for anything, payback is quick.

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I use the Logitech M510 cordless.


The two buttons on the left side are set to space, and tab so I can

get back to select or go to next object in a flash.


Wheel tilt to left is delete, and wheel tilt to right is undo.


Saves a ton of reaching for keyboard motions


Recently added; wheel button function is now open object

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Well, I am an avid hot key user and settled on a great mouse so far. I went with a friends recommended mouse. I have a Utechsmart Gaming mouse. It has a "num pad" style key pad @ the thumb. Secondary software that allows you to program macros that match with key sequences that I would use on my left hand. Example, I used the series "m,c,i" for multi copy interval, now that is programmed to a single button on my mouse hand after a left click on an object and brings that menu right up. Pretty nice features for efficiency. It also allows me to establish 5 profiles that can swap out pending which software/or planning mode that i am in. So photoshop, and Windows have there own quick keys for tasks. I can change out mouse hot keys for Default, Framing, Plumbing, electrical... Its like having annotation sets for hotkeys. Works great for getting right into secondary tools. So far i have had very few issues other than adjusting to what is programmed so far. 

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I took a moment and looked up your mouse.   You appear to have found a pretty darned good deal, bordering on incredible if it comes with on board memory.


If I have one complaint about the g600 is that it gets a little uncomfortable after a long day, mainly because it lacks a thumb rest. (yours has it) 


The only thing that was unclear from what I read is if the scroll wheel tilted right and left and is programmable.  I currently have mine set to delete, delete, and backspace.  Also I cycle through 3 modes (profiles), with one mapped to electrical tools.  The downside is that I occasionally have an extra button click to move past the electrical mode. Hopefully, you have cleaner path to move between profiles than Logitech's mode switch.  If not you may want to be careful about loading up too many tools (hotkeys).

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