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  1. Thanks Solver Thats only part of the issue I would like to show all similar windows with the same callout, ie, all 2-8 x 4-0 DH as A where A is a callout inside of a shaped border
  2. Is there any way to change the auto-generated window numbers that appear as callouts when you make a window schedule? I know you can choose to use a user-generated label instead, but I like the checks and balances of a callout for all similar windows, and the look of a shaped border. Unfortunately, can't figure out how to make that happen here. What I want to happen: all similar windows have a callout with a shape border that I can set, and which will appear in order in my schedule, and as the label on my elevations What is happening: Chief generates a callout which I cannot change. If I make a custom label, it shows only as text/no shape border. Any advice is appreciated thanks
  3. Is there any way to import this as elevation data or just as markers and polylines
  4. Well, I am an avid hot key user and settled on a great mouse so far. I went with a friends recommended mouse. I have a Utechsmart Gaming mouse. It has a "num pad" style key pad @ the thumb. Secondary software that allows you to program macros that match with key sequences that I would use on my left hand. Example, I used the series "m,c,i" for multi copy interval, now that is programmed to a single button on my mouse hand after a left click on an object and brings that menu right up. Pretty nice features for efficiency. It also allows me to establish 5 profiles that can swap out pending which software/or planning mode that i am in. So photoshop, and Windows have there own quick keys for tasks. I can change out mouse hot keys for Default, Framing, Plumbing, electrical... Its like having annotation sets for hotkeys. Works great for getting right into secondary tools. So far i have had very few issues other than adjusting to what is programmed so far.
  5. The Viewer is pretty sweet!
  6. I looked at having "working" layer sets, but I would have to create a bunch, then have my annotation sets function correctly, and keep it maintained...#PIA. The other function this would serve would be collaboration. I have 4 people in my office, so if we could designate a layer in our plan files defaulted to design notes, we could then collaborate via that layer and never worry about printing the notes. It just seems like adding a control like this would be a great function. I spend enough time in emails, I would rather spend it adding designer notes to a plan, then send it John doe in finishes and the email will simply read "HERE IS THE PLAN, SEE NOTES FOR CHANGES, EMAIL/CALL FOR Q's"
  7. Yeah, It would be great for guide lines on a layout sheet, aligning elevations....etc.
  8. I am not sure about everyone, but I jump around from project to project...ALOT. I have a layer that is a "design notes" which i store notes and leaders about thoughts I have as the design process goes. As i jump from project to project, i have to turn this layer on and off, It would be nice to be able to toggle layers that will not be sent to the printer. So i can just leave it on and make the corrections as a go. Anyone have a way to make this work better? Should i move this post to the suggestions? I am sure this would be a good add for anyone using revision clouds as well. Thoughts?
  9. I am looking at a few options, I had a 3 w/ the wheel, but i am a huge user of hotkeys and was looking at a few models meant for gaming that i could setup almost as a second keyboard on my right hand.
  10. Ladies and Gent's I have finally worn down my old mouse, looking to get a new one. Anyone have any luck with programmable, multi button mice. if so, I would love some recommendations. Would be nice to attach some hotkeys to it if its possible.