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When drawing walls in CA is there a way to choose which side you want the walls to offset too?

I'm new to CA. I come from an AutoCAD background. In AutoCAD when placing the walls I can

select which side I want the wall to be offset too while I am inputting the walls. Chief wants to

draw the walls from the outside of the wall. This isn't very helpful when your inputting the floor plans

from a house you just measured, since the field measurements are from the inside surfaces of the walls.

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If I understand you draw your wall clockwise also you can flip the layer at any time if needed

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Use Alt+Q (Defaults...Walls...General Walls) to set the position of the wall handles.

This setting also affects other wall behaviours like alignment.


Also, Chief will now auto flip a wall when a room is closed because it knows the inside and outside of the wall. 

This eliminates the need to draw anti-clockwise which was required in older versions. 


Although, you still need to be aware that when drawing  walls in a clockwise direction, Chief will draw the wall with the outside of the wall on the outside - this is not affected by the Alt-Q setting.

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I have my "Temp Dimension" Defaults set to locate "Both Sides" of Walls.


When initially drawing the plan I just get it close.  Then I can select the walls and modify the "Temp Dimensions" to get everything exact.  It's actually faster than trying to draw it exact initially.


Note:  If you don't know the exact wall construction (Wall Type) then your walls may not be the correct thicknesses and you will need to make adjustments accordingly.

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Further to my last post...

The wall layer you specify with Alt-Q will snap to the grid (if turned on), so that you could specify the internal wall layer and use grid snaps.

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