Reinstalling Chief Architect Version 10


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no, way too many versions ago


you may get a response from someone still using ver 10

but there are only a few of them


you could also try the Yahoo Chief users group as there are some users there

who haven't upgraded yet


CA's tech support would charge a fee for tech support

but ver 10 may be too old for them also


good luck



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I do, I also have versions 7 and 9.5 running in Windows XP x32. Sorry, I did-do not have any trouble installing it and its libraries, sorry you are having trouble. I was never able to get it installed in Windows 7, that is why I hung on to XP for old, legacy software.



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VMware  =


or Virtual Box =


Either of these programs will allow for a virtual PC inside of Windows 10 platform where you can load XP, Vista,  Windows 7, Windows 10, Unix or several other operating systems......... in 32 bit or 64 bit ( on a 64 bit machine ). You can also have a multitude of virtual PC's. ( Not sure you have all the flexibility in Virtual box seeing as it is a free program but for sure in VMware) Once the program is setup it will allow you to boot run programs etc. and have a live Icon on the desktop of VMWare and of Windows 10. Your mouse, printer, screen everything will pop back and forth. If you have 2 or more monitors you can run VMware on one monitor and Windows 10 on another............ pretty incredible program that allows older programs to work that you wouldn't otherwise be able to use...... We use CadEstimator which will only run on Windows 7 32 bit all the time........We also drive some CNC equipment this way...... so you know it has to be stable.





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