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  1. Hi everyone...I still use Chief Architect x2, I need to know where and how to obtain 3d models of people for my renderings and walk-thru.....I'm not sure anymore what extensions I'm able to use to import, calib, calibz skp, ssa that will actually work.   please share if your can help, thanks, POP

  2. Hi All...........I was trying to install my CA ver 10 and it stops loading at warner ® wallpaper\stripes\red.jpg every time I try to install.....any ideas why, thanks, POP
  3. Hi all, I am using Chief Architect x2 and am having trouble with my ray trace.....it used to be that while the ray trace was producing the camera shot and I wanted to stop it in the middle of the trace I would only have to hit the escape key and that would stop the process.....it does not do that anymore....any hints, thanks POP
  4. Hi David.. Thanks for the reply... But I used to be able to just hit the del button and that would quit the process so that I may start again...but I can't and have to either wait an hour for it to be completed or shut down chief all together and reopen the file as an automatic saved file.
  5. hi all... When in a Ray trace .. I'm not able to stop with the del button....so I can go back to my plan if I need to change something fast... Any help would be appreciated ... I'm using ver. X2