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  1. Might caution you to check Subdivision Restrictions. Many of our local Restriction say garage must remain a garage. Easy enough for the homeowner not to know or care. kw
  2. 1 Concrete Block 12-in x 8 x 12.daeDrew a concrete block this past weekend. It was drawn in Rhinoceros and then exported to Collada format (dae). It is a fully re-sizeable block and can be shrunk-enlarged etc. (Block Piers was my goal) Enjoy, kw 1 Concrete Block 12-in x 8 x 12.dae
  3. A lot of cabinet folks (builders) are actually making the units with CNC thus 2020, Mozaik, KCD, Cabinet Vision, Sketchup with add-ons and a host of others. Not sure about your clients place in ordering or manufacturing. In our area many still build custom cabinets. Chief does not produce the internal components necessary to take a piece of lumber and or plywood/sheet goods to make cabinets. What we have for the most part in CA is a representation of components. Example: it want show front and or back drawer dovetails and internal dimensions or cut the dado necessary for the bottom of said drawer bottom, location of hinge screws, draw pulls etc. kw
  4. Several Programs and companies that offer this kind of service of conversion of raster to vector. Personally use CorelDraw. It will allow raster to vector conversion by several different means including center line trace then save as a number of formats but if your wanting DWG that is one of the formats. If this is a big drawing probably not practical unless you want to spend a lot of cleanup time although Corel is one of the better programs I've found.
  5. Rab, sorry, to disagree but with "Business Plus" we work live with Dropbox and Chief Architect. We do not autosaves through Chief but we all manually save and we do work from Dropbox as our save to directory. (Dropbox cost us about $2,800 per year for 6 people) If two people try and copy a file that is open or let's say you leave a computer on at the office with some file and you go home and try and work with this same file it will allow you open and save the file but it says "file name + Conflicted Copy.plan" when you save. So this is something that has to be resolved but it is still a valid file. We do keep all the C:document Chief Arch etc on local machines and periodically update the User_Library.calib files as well as keep the ProgramData files on local machines. We have found it easier to use a master file of "other details" for everyone. One reason I've been asking for outside links for this kind of file. May not be right, but it works for us and has been for a number of years now. Many of our files are 125-250 mb. Chief Architect is not the only cad program we use. May I also add we do not work / draft for the general public. We are design build / manage / sale firm who keep many of our properties and we are often working with all kinds of files and firms: From programs like Carlson Survey, Autocad Civil, Vectorworks, FormZ, Rhinoceros, as well as programs like Alibre, Sketchup etc. Residential work is not all we do.
  6. The only way we've been able to fix this is to delete your current Dropbox program from your computer (it is your personal account it want take out the data files unless you tell it) and then go on-line and install the Dropbox Business download from Dropbox. It will find your business account an then it will ask you do you want to link or sync your personal Dropbox account. This works and there are probably other ways to get there but we found it was the quickest and easiest without having to call tech or search a lot of help files. Not sure the difference in the program files but this has worked for us numerous times. Hope this helps! kw
  7. I'll take a guess and say that you and your colleague have different drive designations for Dropbox. kw
  8. I made a suggestion in the "Suggestion Forum" a while ago to allow for an external file reference / links for Chief File, Layout and/or Project Browser or both so as a master file of Details might be added as needed to a Chief file or layout. Our company has an external file that is called "Other Details" that is in a totally different directory and under this root directory there are other directors with all kinds of things both as PDF's, JPG;s, Chief Files, DWG Files, SKP, 3DS, etc. As an example files called Elevator, Swimming Pool, Electrical Panel, Bath Grab Bars, Radon etc. and under this possibly all other kinds of different files with sub-directory for brand specific companies or items etc.. We can now import or export items but if you need a lot of reference items in a plan the current setup is extremely poor if you don't throw everything in the file and you change your physical computer or location. In our case we use Dropbox as our master file location with a number of other people working and adding / using various details as needed to the a multitude of plans. My current project has over 55 pages in the layout with many of these being external reference files not including the various other paper documents. ( House has over 15 thousand feet ) Please suggest that this be added in the suggestion box. Thx kw
  9. This is a Hot & Cold Outside hose bibb. Take another brand if someone has one. This one is vertical so it fits in a outside wall with a cross wall.
  10. Woodford 22CP-10-MH Vertical Freeze-less Outside Hose Bibb Looking for one of these in 3d if anyone has one. Thx, kw
  11. If you export as a 3DWG file. You can get this info.... not all but most...... kw
  12. It is possible to make a 3d printable model but it takes more 3D modeling software than Chief has. Personally do some CNC work as well as laser - 3D printer and have several programs that are able to do this. 1st way: Is to convert to a usable file outside of Chief..... ( I used 3ds and pulled the file into Rhinoceros which translated the file. Then able to convert to a number of other formats and personally usually go to Rhinocam) 2nd way: Convert to a file that is usable by a CADCAM program that will produce a Laser File (usually STL but not necessarily the only file that will work... depends on the 3D printer software--- Screen Shot is using Aspire 11.5) Attached 3 different screen shots of steps.... 1st = Chief, 2nd = Rhinoceros 3ds, 3rd = Aspire Hope this helps. kw
  13. Personally had fairly good success starting new drawing. Then copy and paste (from this older drawing), then in new drawing hold position for the 1st floor then marker points for the second floor and move into place. kw
  14. Thank you! Trying to reduce file mesh now with several other programs we have. kw
  15. Anyone Know of a source for a 3d drawing of a High Bay Led Light for 2D and 3D kw
  16. You might want to read this about the monitor. ( I was looking at one for myself and decided against.... my choice.) kw
  17. You might try CADdirect 2024. Very much a looks alike to Autocad style program. You can also get Print2Cad which is a very useful program if your dealing with any conversion and several other features of PDF to DWG or Reverse. kw
  18. Think some other programs have the ability to adjust Vector's or Nurb's. Most of these programs have the ability to use DWG files....... examples would be Corel Draw, Rhinoceros, these programs also have the ability to re-export in DWG format or many more. Rhino has the ability to smooth, reduce knots etc. Thought you might have some of these laying around you hadn't thought about. kw
  19. At an age that I want purchase software that offers subscriptions only. There will always be another mouse trap somewhere down the road. Where there is a need it will be filled. Look at Autocad how many other look alike are now available or at least able to access the same Dwg/Dxf files. Then there is Adobe how many other software's can now read and write PDF files or other software offerings. Personally think this is a poor decision on managements part by divorcing current users from perpetual license and I have owned software rights as far back as X-3 and own a number of software seats. Cad after all is cad and once you can draw in one program others become fairly easy to adapt to ones only needs. (I often cringe at how you guys do small objects and fixtures in 3D modeling in Chief as I personally find this crude compared to other offerings, so limited with the tools available and the need to trick or fool the software.) Take companies like McNeel who have Rhinoceros totally different attitude about license and capability for 3D but it is not the ideal nuts and bolts residential homebuilding software and there addon to help architectural design. But other software will arise. Chalking this choice of Chief programs and company as poor judgement decision on my part, earliest possible time I'll totally jump ship. (Already work with a number of other CAD/Cam software's.)
  20. TurboPdf $69.99 - DesignCAD Add-ons Catalog Offer&utm_medium=email Coupon Code DCADD30
  21. Personally find this program much more effective just doing plumbing. It will take DWG files and you don't have to redraw. Program is reasonably priced for the amount of information and speed to produce good working information. kw
  22. kw
  23. Quote from Crayola crayons currently come in 120 colors including 23 reds, 20 greens, 19 blues, 16 purples, 14 oranges, 11 browns, 8 yellows, 2 grays, 2 coppers, 2 blacks, 1 white, 1 gold and 1 silver. Although Crayola crayons come in 120 different colors, the labels are only made in 18, which cover the full color spectrum. Nearly 3 billion crayons are made each year, an average of 12 million daily. That's enough to circle the globe 6 times with color! Kyle, Point being, Somebody likes every color that is made....we are all different......some I like, some I don't........ I personally don't agree with you and I think throughout history you'll find others that also don't agree..... Take for instance Furniture Period style.........Shaker Style but on the other hand French Provincial. We all have opinions!! Make several million dollars a year for 30 plus years and then you can do what you want with yours! To criticize someone asking for help because you don't like the customers architecture ....... is wrong! Blessings, kw
  24. We do on occasion use and need this..... for your information. kw