Can't Get Rid Of Automatically Created Room Dividers.

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Does anyone else notice CA automatically adds room dividers sometimes? I'm assuming it's the way I build my walls and get them in place, but I don't know why I'm not able to delete them. 


Fire house.plan



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Only case I know about, would be when you have Island rooms, rooms must connect to an exterior wall. Chief does that automatically for you. You can put those on a different layer and turn off.

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If the walls of the island room are checked as "No Room Definition" the room dividers can be deleted.

The other option is to just turn off the "Walls, Invisible" Layer.

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You should not turn off the option to automatically connect island rooms.


Your plan has "island" rooms.  These are interior rooms that are not connected to any exterior walls.  If they are not connected, you will very likely have problems with things like room definitions, floors and ceilings, moldings, and more.


If you don't like where the program put the automatic room dividers, then draw your own and then you can delete the ones the program made.


If you don't want to see the room dividers, then just turn off the layer.

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