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I'm doing a manual roof build for a Korean style roof (see thumbnail).  The corners of the roof extend and flair up and out.  How can I get CA x6 to follow the curve of this roof?  I've built the roof with soffets to get the angles I need but the program only allows square poles when I need round poles.  How can I replace the soffets with round poles. Thanks


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The answer to that question depends partially on how the p-solid was created. Was it created in plan view or in elevation view?

If it was created in elevation, you should be able to use the rotate handle. If it was created in Plan view you, you may need to either…

A. Convert to a solid and then rotate in an elevation view...


B. Convert the solid to a symbol and rotate it via the symbol DBX.

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which symbol is DBX?

DBX on this forum = Dialogue box.  When you double click on a window for example, the window DBX opens up and then you can change the width and height of the window in that DBX. 


I was referring to the symbol dbx where you can set the angle of your symbol...couch, car, sink, or even custom Korean roof pieces.

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