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  1. I'm looking for a telephone/utility pole for x6/8. Any ideas?
  2. I'm trying to build a log home using log trusses. I've downloaded the bonus library for log truss components but I can't get the individual logs/poles to position and angle like I need them. Same problem with CAD shapes. I want to be able to move it like I can using a soffit but I need the round shape like a pole. Any ideas out there? I am using X8.
  3. I've got x16 and I'm drawing a garage attached to a walk out basement. The garage floor is at 0' but I can't figure out how to raise the foundation stem walls to create a short 18 inch wall around the sides of the garage floor. When I change the stem wall height it goes deeper not higher. I'm trying to match the height of the walk out basement wall by creating a short side wall in the garage. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I can get the primitive poly-line solid to create the shape that I need but I can't get it to angle and follow the shape of the roof pitch. Any suggestions on how to do that?
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/22ertjbc24ga5f7/hanok%20Copy.plan?dl=0 Here is the link. You can see where I'm having trouble with roof planes wanting to be flat when I want them to conform to the roof corners. I've attached a photo of the style of roof I'm trying to replicate. Thanks
  6. I tried to post it but the file is too big for this forum. Any other way I can get it to you?
  7. interesting, I will give that a try, thanks. Any idea on how to make a soffet round?
  8. I'm doing a manual roof build for a Korean style roof (see thumbnail). The corners of the roof extend and flair up and out. How can I get CA x6 to follow the curve of this roof? I've built the roof with soffets to get the angles I need but the program only allows square poles when I need round poles. How can I replace the soffets with round poles. Thanks