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I wanted to ask here, how I can create a roof that looks like a bow (left and right sides starting at the ground, rising in the middle), but when trying to upload sample images, I am getting the "upload error 302" for each of the two JPG images.


Can anyone still try to describe to me, how to create a bow roof?

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Draw the perimeter walls (I drew a 35'x50' perimeter). Select the room, open the Room Specification dbx and set the Floor Structure accordingly and the Ceiling to the height of the rafter plates. Here I've got a 2x10 floor with 3/4" sheathing and a 3" ceiling height to simulate a double plate:




Draw your two roof planes. Get rid of the gutter and reduce the eave to 6". Set the Eaves Cut to Square. Select both roof planes and open the Roof Specification dbx. Lock the Baseline Height and set the Pitch to the starting pitch of the bow roof. I set mine to 16:12. then check Curved Roof and set the Angle at Ridge to the ridge pitch of the bow roof; I set mine to 4.76 degrees (1:12). Don't freak when the Angle at Eave, Angle at Ridge, and Radius to Roof Surface numbers all change - it's normal. This is what you'll get:




You'll have to play with things to get exactly what you want.

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I just was curious to see if it could do it. I have no doubt someone else can give a better answer I just wanted to see if it could be done-note that I have very little idea what I'm doing with roofs so just managed to stumble along. That means I can't tell you what to do first, enclosed plan so you can see what to work our for yourself.

I had much better luck drawing the roof first, then the slab, then the walls.


roof 1.plan

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Thanks to both of you. While the first answer is really fully detailed, the second answer shows the roof I want to get (no angle involved in the middle).

I still get that strange "Upload Skipped (Error302)" error for any image I try to show to you. By the way, does anyone know what is the reason for that?

I will try something different: I am going to upload my images on my website, and link to them, that should work.





Yes, that finally works. As you can see, the roof is one single arc (bow). The house is not really high above ground, as its ground floor is lower than the raised soil ground. And that is a next question: how to create a raised soil level around the house OR how to lower the floor of the house downwards into the soil? And to create a deck, I am trying to find the DECK tool but believe it might be there but with a different name. I am not English and that is why I still might have some language problems,.

And my third question is, how to create a top floor that doe snot cover the entire upper floor?

Question four: how to create these large windows into the roof? They might also have separations not just from left to right, but also from front to back (that will result in many smaller, rectangualr windows).


Question five: is there a way to add solar panels or at least a texture of those to some areas of the roof?


Q6: the bathroom at the very left has a large diagonal carve-out into the ground, like a tiny swimming pool. How to do that in Chief Architect?


Thanks again. :-)

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Attached is a metric plan, per your request. This plan uses two roof planes, one for the main roof and one for the glazing. The glazing is revealed by using a roof hole in the main roof.


FYI, when you need to move stuff from an Imperial plan to a Metric plan you can simply use Edit>Edit Area and copy/paste. The units will be all wrong, but at least it gives you the geometry that you can examine and modify.


bow roof metric.plan

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  • 2 weeks later...

 I experimented with the curved roof. So far, it seems to me, that CA wants always the curved roof to be based on a circle.


What I would need, however, is a more elliptic curved roof: an almost 90° angle (vertical to prevent roof climbers) at the edges, but not raising higher in its middle than a 2nd floor.



Do you have any ideas how to accomplish this?

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Thanks! I copied that eliptic roof. This will help me.


It seems, this house design is really my trainings session for CA. :-)


I have some more questions:

1. I lowered the living room floor by 30 cm, but now I need diagonal ramps from the kitchen and floor (hall) going downwards to the living room floor. How to tell CA to make parts of the non-rectangular floor diagonal?

2. A main problem is, that some walls are exceeding the roof because I had selected for them "balloon over the window", otherwise they were ending below the roof in strange diagonal cuts. I want, that the walls do NOT exceed the roof but connect to the inside (lower side) of the roof. And the windows should also not exceed the roof.

3. I want the living room to have a front wall just glass. At the moment, it is a double door beside a glass window. But I want the entire front to be glass and the double door to be a part of it but not higher than the door is now, while the glass is all over up to the roof.


Walls and windows exceeding the roof:

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Leave the roof in place and delete the walls, redraw the walls. When I made the first one that worked to keep the walls contained. I was able to add connecting side walls but kept them a bit inside the perimeter. I don't know it it will work once you have the elliptical roof, or if you add a second floor.

Front wall-wall type, glass shower.

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Not bad, not bad - the suggestion to make the wall to a glass shower, works very fine for me. But this leads me now to additional questions. And it seems, this house project is really my way to learn CA, too.


The additional requirement for that large glass shower wall is now, to have horizontal and vertical thicker elements in it (don't know the proper English term), not made from glass but lumber or stone. I was playing with the idea to use the SLAB feature, but not sure, if I can place it that it is in front and back of the wall, even in different rows above each other (like a window with its different sections inside). Any idea?


I still have the problem with the walls and balluster coming through the roof. The suggestion to remove the affected walls and make them again would mean a lot of extra work because then I would have to reposition the windoes and doors on them again, too. That would make this suggestion to my last resort, but not to the way I would do at first. Are there any other ideas, how to make the roof cutting off the exceeding walls and ballusters?



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Horizontal vertical elements - create wit poly line solids, create them in elevation but be sure to give them a "fill" before flowing. Once you make one of each they can be duplicated and moved with transform replicate. Might want to assign them their own layer.

Walls, try dragging each end in until they no longer protrude, once both sides are in drag back out, might work. No other answer I know of.

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Thanks to everyone. Yes, the ideas given in this thread worked well.


I finally right-clicked on the roof plane, and selected "Display on Floor Above", and that did the trick.


This thread can be closed. Once more, my gratitude and thanks to everyone here. :-)


See here the proud result:

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