Large Project and its running slow... Tips on speeding it up!


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Aside from the Jason's wise observation on the auto rebuild possibilities (which is the best place to start), here are several suggestions. 


Take an archived plan file from the manage archived plan file menu. 

  • Reduce the terrain.
  • Lower the undo/redo number. 
  • Select a number of the larger 3D objects in the model and delete them. 


See if the plan speeds up. 


3D objects

Too many have potential to bog down any plan. Even smaller projects. 

Anything from the 3D warehouse should ideally come from CA...

...otherwise be on the lookout for objects that range between 5-10 Mgb with many "surface counts".

If one introduces enough of those into the plan file, it's more work for the program. 



A large terrain perimeter can slow things down.

It looks like there's a few acres of it in the model. 



If the undo/redo number is set to anything above the single digits, it'll be placing a strain on the system.

Each time you make a move, the system has to take a snapshot of that occurrence.  

Granted most computers come with ample memory these days, but 16GB graphics cards work best.

So do machines with 64 GB of memory. 


The specs. appear such that 8GB of memory comes with that graphics card.

By all means this is suitable for CA, but the above can certainly be of help. 

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