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  1. This is basically what I do now. I guess I will just stick with it.
  2. I am starting to remember why I never did set this up. There is no way to make the font smaller. It just once font size.
  3. I used your video, I search all topics "ceiling height + label" and I got nothing relevant.
  4. I search these forums before posting. I did not find anything relevant.
  5. I am working on getting my plan and layout templates the way I want them. I was wondering if anyone has ever figured out how to get the room labels to automatically show the ceiling height under the room size? I currently just use text. It would be nice if it jut did that automatically.
  6. Can Iget some help with a project. Its a 12,000 sf building. It takes forever to do anything. Click and wait... Any tips on things I can do to speed up this file?
  7. I have this site plan I am working on. It is tied to the main office building. But I would like to show the shop in the 3D views. How do I bring in a Chief building into this site plan?
  8. I have site plan with two projects on it. The site plan is under the main building project. I want to show the shop on the site plan. How do I do that?