Turning off walls leaves subfloor where bottom plate would be in 3d view.


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Hi All.


Using CA X10.  I have a plan for an attic/living space addition for my home.  I currently have the upper 8 in 12 pitch roof as a second floor, rather than an attic.  I have some rooms upstairs.  


I am trying to create an upstairs 'shell' layer set that would not show any interior walls, cabinets etc.  I have created new layers for the walls and other items and a new layer set with those turned off.  When viewing this 'shell' layer set in 2d floorplan view, all is well.  When viewing in 3d overview, I see baseboards and the subfloor under where the bottom wall plates are.  I turned the baseboards off in the room properties which did hide them from view. The program appears to be showing the subfloor as that's how it's really constructed, maybe this isn't possible.  I tested making one wall invisible and the exposed subfloor was not visible in 3d view.


I'm trying to have one plan so I don't have to update two when changes are made.  For permitting, I want to have two layouts to bring to the planning dept as the shell phase might be one complete permit depending on cost.  


About me, I have been a CAD and PCB designer for many years and bought CA for my own property designs.  Many aspects of what I already knew of CAD in general transferred over so I learned itpretty easily plus I have worked in many phases of construction.  I'm sure I have gaps in my knowldge.  One thing I could use help with is proper layout for permit plans and would pay for it of course.


Thanks for reading!


Plan in X10 attached.



Ross Plan.plan

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The only way I was able to get it to look correctly was to use a "material region", which I drew over the entire floor and notched out the section over the stairs.

I thought perhaps it was a framing issue so I tried turning off the framing inside the walls - no luck.  Next I tried to make the materials for the wall 'air gap' - No luck there either.

I'll keep playing around with it, but for now - try using 'material region' and see if it gives you the look I was able to achieve.


Note: I'm currently using X14 for this example.


The best approach would be to turn your interior walls to partition.  This will keep them from cutting through the floor.  Your model has some errors in it; so when you do this you may still see the floor being cut at the closet just inside the front bedroom.  This is because your floor in this one closet is higher than the rest of the floor on the second floor.


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Updated my response to include partition explanation
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