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  1. Sorry, I'm new to this forum, it's a bit confusing, layout wise. Thanks Chopsaw.
  2. I built all the framing with the defaults; rafters set to 16 oc.
  3. I have an out building with gable rafters 16" on center and am re doing the design in Chief. I set the rafter spacing to 16" oc in the framing specs box but when it generates, it's always at 24" oc. Any ideas what's forcing this value?
  4. I am a CAD designer (Solidworks, FreeCAD, Sketchup) and use Chief Architect for my home remodeling plans. I am reasonably proficient at using Chief Architect but could use the skills and knowledge of a seasoned pro to go over my design and correct any anomalies and to do a proper plan layout that is permit submission ready (California). References would be required.
  5. Thank you for the information. Seems odd that a higher end program like this doesn't have a 'live' 3d view dimension tool. Solidworks and Sketchup both have it, My way of 'measuring' is to put a slab object on the floor near the wall and set it's height to what I want the wall to be, mostly on interior walls intersecting gable walls.
  6. How does one measure wall heights in 3d views?
  7. I know one can select dimension lines, copy and rename a layer then assign them to that layer in the properties window. Can one make that layer the current default so subsequent dimension lines will be on that layer?
  8. Is there a way, after you have inserted a wall or roof plane break, to delete these break points?
  9. When 2nd story is current, reference floor is missing some walls that are on bottom floor. Reference layer set has all layers selected red. This just started happening, not sure what happened.
  10. I added my signature as requested, added a photo but thought it would become my user photo in the wee circle lol, just added to the post. Anyone know how it's done?
  11. Kbird1 I have watched the tutorial 3x. It does not specify knee walls, just walls to create the side attic spaces; the top being the cavity above ceiling, those walls are there. I have named room types for the spaces on either side as 'attic'. I have deleted the truss base.
  12. I have X10. I will set up my signature. Thanks to all. I have attached the zipped plan file and the error screenshot. Ross Remodel
  13. What is the point of the signature? V10 Tried but it's too big to attach.
  14. Still no joy. Submitted a case but without support agreement it goes to the bottom of the pile lol. Any more ideas?
  15. The trusses are multiple copies of the original attic truss. I will try what you suggested. . Thanks
  16. I have the all the requirements for attic trusses set up and most trusses come out fine. Three trusses give me the error message. I've looked for differences near these trusses in room and other properties, no luck. Anyone else had this happen?
  17. I know one can choose which layers will calculate to the materials list, is it also possible to show only remodel materials in schedules?
  18. "The system is less energetic if domains of opposite direction alternate" Fudds law of opposition The Firesign Theater
  19. Thanks everyone. I reckoned it was a newbie issue lol.
  20. This table appears not to be like a spreadsheet with individual cells but more like a graphic that one has to put text in by dragging and manually aligning. Or am I missing something? This seems very odd and primitive for such a sophisticated program! Why not have actual cells, like Excel?