Why Am I Having Trouble With 3D Rendering?


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When I did an elevation or perspective, nothing would show up, just a white blank page.  I followed some instructions on the Chief Architect Support page and changed some of my rendering preferences and now I can see the elevations and perspectives but it still doesn't look quite right as lines are missing etc. I've gone to HP.com to update my driver but it says there are no available updates. Not really sure where to go from here..? Do I not have the right requirements? Do I need a new laptop or is it a simple fix?



Laptop I'm using- HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC, Windows 7, 64-bit, 8GB


Microprocessor- Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz


Graphics Device 1- Radeon HD 6770M


Graphics Device 2- Intel® HD Graphics Family



Any input would be great!



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right click on your desktop and look for a menu item referencing your video card.  You have to open it and

in one of the tabs it will have an option to associate it with certain programs.  These(my) instructions are general

you will have to work your way through what you see.

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Michelle, in Preferences you can check which video card you are using. Radeon should have an app to choose with software programs use its card. You can also check to make sure your Intel driver is up to date; a good idea too for your Radeon driver.


Finally, you can force Chief to use one of the video cards by right clicking on Chief's icon and select your video card.



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Here is an article from HP on this topic. I hope it helps.




Unfortunately 3D graphics and hardware have always been a weak link in computers. We work really hard to try to make them work right. In fact a couple of the guys were working really hard to try to find a solution to a problem with Intel graphics yesterday.


It is our desire to make every graphics card work as well as we can. Thanks for the information on your system it helps us to better understand the problems that you and likely many others are having.

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