Ray Trace Renderings Still Look Plain…. Help!


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Sit down with a Door Salesman at HD or Lowes.  It's really pretty amazing what you can get with a special order and the prices are a lot better.

JC,  these front doors  (2-2668) are custom designed,  they are not off the shelf,  craftsman style with 3 vertical fixed glass window in each door of varying heights......  I will look into HD & Loews but I don't mind paying for the services that Grand Entrances offer.  They do some really nice custom doors.   But  will look into saving a little money......  but you know you get what you pay for .......  Mr. Architect.......  you get what you pay for.

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The best stainless steel rendition I have found for SS appliances is in the following directory:

Chief Architect Bonus Catalogs >Kitchen styles >International Contemporary> Materials > Stainless Steel


Dig a little deeper in your libraries guys.

Thanks for the tip...



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Craigevans...not sure if this house has been built but I took the opportunity for a few exterior "design tweaks" with the roof line...just something that I enjoy doing.  You might not like the changes to the roofline but I thought that it could use a bit more of a "Custom" look and keep the focus on the Entry and main part of the house and not be distracted by the small hip roof on the last garage stall.  All I did was swap which garage stall stood forward the most and then proceeded to tweak the roofline without any other structural changes.  I also played with an option for you with a Gabled Entry to further add focus and definition as a focal point.  I also used my Rendering settings and let it rip over night for 12 hours....hope you like!  The first pic shows the old vs new Elevation, the 2nd your roofline, the 3rd using my roofline with the 12 hour Raytrace and then the 4th with a Gabled Entry.  I'd be curious for other's feedback as well!










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Personally I like the roof over the house of Craig's better...you don't end up with the goofy looking 2' ridge.


I do agree with you though on the roof over the garage, though.



Back on topic though, the 3 biggest things I've found with quality renderings is:

  1. High quality model.
  2. Great lighting.
  3. Accurate materials/textures.

Any high end render you look at has those three basic things.  Yeah there are other things that go into it too, but if you start with those you'll turn out some nice looking pictures.


Here are some samples:








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